“I just wanted to know why he did it”: Gabbie Hanna admits to stalking a child and “going a little bit crazy” 

Gabbie Hanna exposes herself in the latest episode of her confession series (Image via YouTube)
Gabbie Hanna exposes herself in the latest episode of her confession series (Image via YouTube)
Michelle Felix

Gabbie Hanna recently exposed herself on Patreon, admitting to potentially incriminating acts such as stalking a minor.

30-year-old YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has come under fire for starting "beef" with many other influencers and falsely accusing other YouTubers of assault without proof. She is considered to be one of the most toxic YouTubers at the moment.

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Gabbie Hanna publicly admits to stalking a minor

Gabbie Hanna posted a video on her Patreon account on Tuesday afternoon. In the clip, she openly admits to her fans that she once stalked a minor to find out why he had made videos exposing her.

The 30-year-old has continuously been called out for stealing famous comedians' jokes, tweeting them out in verbatim. Once, someone had made a compilation of these tweets. Gabbie became infuriated and began demanding answers from the child.

She claimed she "went a little bit crazy" and even direct messaged the kid, asking him why he was posting videos of her.

"Years later, I went a little bit crazy. I DM'd the kid because I wanted to do an interview with him. Be like 'Hey, why did you do this?' because so many of them were such a f***ing stretch."

Gabbie then shocked fans after claiming to have completely stalked the minor after finding out all of his personal information.

"I may have found his full legal name and address, his parents' names, and where he went to school. But that was because I wanted to know why somebody did this. Why did he target me? Out of all the other influencers? I mean don't get me wrong, I was a hack."

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Gabbie Hanna vs every YouTuber in her confession series

Gabbie Hanna's new YouTube series titled "Confessions of a Washedup YouTube Hasbeen" has been causing heated arguments across the internet.

The series has had five episodes on YouTube thus far, beginning with the 30-year-old initially exposing Ricegum. She then talked about the drama channels, with Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda making up the fourth episode.


Gabbie Hanna spent the entire third episode calling herself out for her racist Vine videos from the early days of her career. Meanwhile, the fifth episode was once again centered around Trisha Paytas and the drama surrounding their alleged friendship.

She has received heavy amounts of backlash for these videos, as the internet has still not changed its viewpoint on her. Especially regarding Jessi Smiles, fans have demanded an apology from Gabbie, just to be completely ignored.

Gabbie has previously stated that her series will be seven to eight parts, leaving the remaining one or two parts a mystery until next week.

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