Gabbie Hanna’s makeup artist for “Escape the Night” exposes YouTuber for “going off” on multiple crew members on set

Gabbie Hanna's makeup artist on "Escape the Night" tells all (Image via Instagram)
Gabbie Hanna's makeup artist on "Escape the Night" tells all (Image via Instagram)

Gabbie Hanna's makeup artist Megs Cahill has recently spoken out on TikTok about her experience being the 30-year-old's body double for the ending of "Escape the Night."

Escape the Night is a YouTube Original series that began in 2016 and was created by Joey Graceffa and his then-partner Daniel Preda. Many other influencers have been featured on the show, including Liza Koshy, Rosanna Pansino, Colleen Ballinger, and many more.

The series features ten guests invited by Graceffa to enter from the "modern world" into a 1920s styled mansion for dinner, where they solve puzzles and read clues. A character gets killed off each episode.


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Megs Cahill retells Gabbie Hanna's outburst on set

On Thursday afternoon, Gabbie Hanna's makeup artist for Escape the Night publicly informed fans that the situation surrounding the former's attitude was "insane."

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Megs Cahill began by claiming that watching Preda's video about his experience with Hanna made her "super upset," as she applauded Graceffa and Preda for being sweet. She also referred to Hanna as one of her most "craziest clients":

"Watching this video made me super upset. But watching this video also gave me flashbacks of when I was on set that day. I did experience a lot of stuff that went down that day."

She confirmed that Gabbie Hanna did storm off set, prompting Graceffa to request she fill in as a body double. Cahill stated that although she did end up stepping in, the day was "sh**":

"That day was insane. [Gabbie Hanna] did leave early from set, and because we're the similar height with similar, curvier bodies, I went ahead and stepped in for her. But that day was sh**."

Cahill lastly backed up Graceffa and Preda's accusations, who expressed their frustration towards Hanna for allegedly calling their production assistant a "dumb c*nt" for trying to work with her:

"The PA came in, she was super sweet, and [Gabbie] went ahead and made that comment to her, and I don't then Daniel was in the room when she also went off on her. I remember this because I sat back and was like, 'What did she do wrong?'. Why would you talk to someone like that? I also remember her going off on the wardrobe people that day, too."

While more and more influencers are jumping on the bandwagon to share their awful experiences of working with Gabbie Hanna, others such as Jessi Smiles have currently been going head-to-head with the 30-year-old over a multitude of issues.

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