Is the Serbian dancing lady real? Everything to know about the creepy viral video

Who is the Serbian Dancing Lady? Details explored. (Image via Twitter)
Who is the Serbian Dancing Lady? Details explored. (Image via Twitter)

From TikTok to YouTube, the Serbian dancing lady is scaring everyone on social media. A viral video has recently gained traction online, showing a woman in a dress dancing in the streets. While the video is trending, many internet users have been sharing it with hilarious messages. Moreover, many Serbians believe that if someone passes by or approaches the dancing lady, then she threatens them with a knife.

Although the video dates back to 2019, it has now resurfaced on social media after four years with the same creepy claims. With many believing that the video of the woman is true, there is not much evidence of her existence. Additionally, there have been no reports that she has killed or attacked a single soul. Hence, it can be said that the original 2019 video of the Serbian dancing lady can be a hoax or a prank.


Many netizens claim that the Serbian dancing lady threatens people with a knife

News of the Serbian dancing lady first became popular in 2019 through the website Serbia Today, which featured a video of the woman dancing on the streets. The article claimed that the video was allegedly taken in Belgrade, Serbia. With the claim about the woman threatening people with a knife, many also stated that she might have hurt a pregnant woman at the time.

As per many Serbian websites, it was also claimed that the woman was seen near the city hospital, where she was first seen dancing. However, when the police started their search, the Serbian dancing lady had disappeared. This has also added to the mystery of the claim.

Shouldn't have searched the serbian dancing lady

However, contrary to the claims, the video does not show the Serbian dancing lady chasing or threatening anyone. Aside from that, no such news piece exists on the internet which can prove the claim of the creepy video.

While the video has recently become popular, the users reposting and resharing the clip have also gained millions of views. As of now, not much is known about the dancing woman, except that nobody has seen her face. This could also be possible because no one has spotted her at the same spot where the viral video was allegedly shot.


Another thing being pointed out by internet users that her movements in the viral video are similar to the Serbian folk dance Kola.

With hundreds of videos of the Serbian woman floating on social media, and the subsequent barrage of claims and speculations, it cannot be said for sure if the video is legitimate or not.

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