“It was just too much”: RHOA star Drew Sidora opens up about the “breaking point” in her marriage with Ralph Pittman

Drew accused Ralph of being a serial cheater (Image via Bravo)
Drew accused Ralph of being a serial cheater (Image via Bravo)

During an interview with People on June 22, 2023, Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star Drew Sidora discussed her divorce from her husband Ralph Pittman. Drew came into the limelight after she and Ralph filed for divorce within an hour of each other in February 2023. The couple had been married for nearly nine years and had two kids together, and Pittman even adopted Drew's son from her previous relationship.

Explaining the reason behind her divorce from Ralph, Drew said that it was a culmination of things that shouldn't happen in a marriage. She also said that she stood by everything that was written in her divorce petition. The RHOA star called her ex-husband a “serial cheater and adulterer” who abused her mentally ad financially.

"I think the inability to own it, the inability to apologize, the inability to work through it, the inability to care about my emotional state and wanting to work and heal that, was very challenging," she told People.

The couple reached the “boiling point” when their marital issues and fights were featured on cameras on RHOA. Drew noted that this made her feel embarrassed and was the final breaking point for her, leading her to say, "Enough is enough." However, Sidora added that she didn't see it coming.

"Of course I was forever, but it was like nothing else left for me to hold onto because the behavior and inappropriateness just never stopped. It was just too much," she said.

They have filed for divorce but are still talking about their co-parenting issues.

Drew Sidora hopes that she and Ralph will be able to co-parent the kids

Despite having made such big allegations against her husband, the Step Up actress is hopeful for “an amicable divorce.” She also hopes that the former couple would be able to be great co-parenting partners who'd be able to stay friends and be respectful of each other.

"I'm hoping for my kids to be happy and just to really see what life has for me on the other side of all this," she told People.

She noted that it was hard for her to imagine the divorce but that she would like to move forward with the whole situation. Even in her divorce statement, Drew Sidora added that she hoped that Pittman and her would stay friends so that they can co-parent responsibly.

Both the partners had asked for privacy in their separate announcements. While Ralph hasn't said anything about the separation since March 2023, he had issued a statement at the time.

"Love is a beautiful thing, unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to move on to our next chapters, independent of each other," Ralph said in his statement.

Ralph cheated on Drew Sidora multiple times

In Bravo’s RHOA season 13, Ralph was seen taking a trip to Tampa without any communication with his wife. The trip gave fans a hint that not everything was okay in the Pittman household, but, Drew denied the cheating allegations against her husband at the time.

However, when she filed for divorce Drew Sidora revealed that Pittman had cheated on her many times. She also said that he had let those women have direct contact with her. They even allegedly sent many screenshots of texts between them so that Pittman could “flaunt” his affair.

However, that wasn't all as she even accused Ralph of physically hurting her in February 2023 when fell after he grabbed her phone out of her hand. Drew alleged that while she attempted to call 911 no police ever showed up.

Drew Sidora has been a part of RHOA since 2013. New episodes of season 15 of RHOA air on Bravo every Sunday at 8 pm ET.

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