"It looks like a normal necklace": Liz Truss Day Collar conspiracy explained as theory goes viral 

Liz Truss
Liz Truss' necklace conspiracy explained (Image via Getty Images)

Liz Truss is the shortest-serving prime minister in British history. As her governance garners traction in politics, those interested in her personal life conspire that she is submissive, both in the office and in the bedroom.

The bizarre rumors came into being after the BDSM community noted that Liz Truss is never seen without her o-shaped necklace.

The BDSM community is prominently comprised of those who are dominant or submissive, with the latter often sporting collars. Evidently, the then-Prime Minister could not be seen wearing a black collar around her neck during her time spent in the office. Hence, the BDSM community alleged that the necklace she wears is actually a day collar.


For those unaware, a collar (or an o-shaped necklace in this case) is popular in the BDSM world. It originated from Pauline Reage’s 1954 book The Stort of O, which explained that those who were submissive wore collars to indicate that they were “owned” by their dominant partner.

The conspiracy flooded across social media like wildfire, with many announcing that Liz Truss is submissive. However, some did not believe the theory. One netizen said:

@GoingMedieval What is a day collar and why is this so bad? It looks like a normal necklace.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Liz Truss began wearing the necklace during her affair with Mark Field

As netizens continued to be curious about the necklace that she wore daily during her tenure, many noted that she began sporting the jewelry style during her affair with Tory member Mark Field, which began in 2005. Field, who was also Truss’ mentor, was in an 18-month long extra-marrital affair with her, which ended up breaking Field's marriage.

Their conclusion and interpretation of how Liz truss became a sub/started wearing a collar

Liz Truss stayed with her husband, Hugh O’Leary, as the infidelity rumors made headlines. Twitter user @LillianaFuture took to the platform claiming that Truss’ husband “proceeded to collar her” in hopes of repairing their marriage and Truss’ “unmanly” perception of him.

Speaking about Truss’ affair with Field, the netizen wrote:

“During her affair is likely when she became aware of her appreciation for D/S dynamics due to the unavoidable intensity of their relationship relative to that of her marriage due both to Mark’s tendency towards physicality and his position of authority over her.”

The Tab explained that the conspiracy theory of the o-shaped interest became a matter of national interest as people felt like they must know “who pulls the strings,” both in the government and in Truss' personal life.

As mentioned earlier, Liz Truss was spotted wearing the necklace since 2005. By the time she became a member of parliament in 2010, it went on to become her signature jewelry piece.

However, the 47-year-old did not wear many necklaces during the 1990s. At the time, she mostly wore chunky pearl necklaces. Following that, she was seen wearing a silver bauble-clustered piece, a red berry wreath chain, and a necklace with silver leaves among other kewlery pieces.

Part 5: she didn’t wear this necklace at the start of her career or at the beginning of her marriage, so what prompted it?

"It's a stretch": S*x therapist doubtful of conspiracy theory

While one might expect the former Prime Minister to be trolled for her intimate choices, many argued that it is not of grave importance as many make it to be. Brooke Sprowl, a s*x therapist, said:

“It’s a stretch to call that a day collar, or to think it’s an homage to it. Even if it were, it’s kind of like, so what?”
I cannot unsee Liz Truss’s collar; thanks twitter I hate it

Helen S, the author of site Kinky with a Twist, opined that she did not believe that it was a necklace holding s*xual significance. She said:

“No, I don’t think it’s really indicative of anything.”

As the speculation continues online, Liz Truss has also been the topic of debate over her recent “mini- budget” plan.

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