“It’s provided a breath of fresh air”: Selling Sunset star Jason Oppenheim addresses Christine Quinn’s exit from the Netflix show

The Oppenheim brothers talk about Christine Quinn
The Oppenheim brothers talk about Christine Quinn's departure from Selling Sunset (Image via Instagram/@brettoppenheim, @thechristinequinn)

Selling Sunset wrapped up season 5 earlier this year and has been renewed by Netflix for two more seasons. While the cast has been widely loved and appreciated by viewers, it will see a change in the upcoming seasons.

Not returning for season 6 will be Christine Quinn, as she left the Oppenheim Group to set up a new business with her husband, as E News reported in August 2022.

While Quinn’s presence on the show will be missed, some of her former cast members felt differently. Since the inception of the show, the realtor has often found herself at odds with several of the other realtors of the show, including Chrishell Stauce, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae Young, and Emma Hernan.

In a conversation with Page Six, Jason Oppenheim spoke about Quinn’s departure from Selling Sunset and revealed that he thinks people were tired of the dynamics on the show regarding Christine.

He added:

"It’s provided a breath of fresh air for the office and for the show."

How do the Oppenheim brothers of Selling Sunset feel about Christine Quinn’s departure from the show?

Christine Quinn was a part of Selling Sunset for five seasons before she decided to leave. There was a lot of speculation about her decision to leave, with the reality star on the receiving end of accusations by the end of season 5.

In season 5, Emma Hernan claimed that Quinn tried to bribe a client with $5,000 to stop working with her. However, the former Oppenheim employee denied the accusations. She failed to show up for a conversation about it with Jason in the finale episode and did not show up for the reunion special either.

In a conversation with Page Six, Jason Oppenheim spoke about the upcoming season as well as Christine Quinn’s departures, saying that the drama that Christine brought was not something he enjoyed as a professional real estate broker.

He stated:

"I wasn’t happy with the types of issues being brought to my attention. I think it ran it’s course."

He further told the publication that he never had any personal issues with Christine apart from recognizing her issues with other cast members and that he wished her well. Oppenheim is confident that the show’s upcoming season will be the “best” yet.

Brett Oppenheim was also supportive of the former Selling Sunset cast member and spoke to People about Quinn’s departure at the launch of the 1060 app. The two still stay in touch over Instagram but are not in regular contact with each other.

He added:

"This is our first season without her, and she’s a big loss because she’s made for reality TV."

Brett further stated that he was worried about the upcoming season to begin and had anxiety about Christine not being a part of it but has “no concern coming out of season 6.”

The Selling Sunset cast have stepped up their game and tried making the upcoming season "awesome" so far. When they started filming season 6, for the first few weeks, there was no drama which led Brett to believe that they’d have a “mellow” season, however, due to some incidents, “s*** hit the fan.”

Selling Sunset season 6 promises drama, and while it may not have the easiest office dynamics, viewers are going to have fun.

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