ITZY to star in a new Mnet reality series in May

The K-pop group has partnered up with Mnet again (Image via @ITZYofficial/Twitter)
The K-pop group has partnered up with Mnet again (Image via @ITZYofficial/Twitter)

World-famous K-pop girl group ITZY will star in a new Mnet reality series in May 2022. The idols will meet fans and viewers in this latest series, which will be aired on Mnet. Though the title for the upcoming series is undecided, fans are creating a buzz on the internet and are eagerly waiting to see the idols.

The group recently dropped their first-ever Japanese single Voltage on March 22, 2022, ahead of the release of their Japanese album on April 6. The title track has garnered praise for its catchy and energetic blend of rap with rock sounds and is being considered a display of the group's dynamism.

ITZY pairs up with Mnet again to release a new reality series

On March 30, 2022, various K-media outlets reported that the K-pop girl group will star in a brand new Mnet reality series in May and deliver a gift as warm as spring sunshine. The group is planning to bring interesting and fun concepts to the series. However, the release date and official title of the group’s reality series are yet to be confirmed.

The group has finished filming the episodes for the reality series and will greet viewers with something to look forward to. This time, the girls plan to showcase different sides of themselves, as well as their improved teamwork.

Expectations for the series are already high as their previous collaboration with Mnet for the reality show Paris et ITZY garnered huge amounts of traction and added to the success of the show. It featured the group’s mesmerizing and romantic trip to Paris in 2020.

The girl group has received a lot of attention for the sweet chemistry between the members as well as their unexpected charm on the reality show. In the upcoming series, fans are predicting what situations will take place and which new places the members will visit.

MIDZYs react to the news of the K-pop girl group's new show

On hearing about the group’s second upcoming reality series, fans took to various social media platforms to express their excitement. With Mnet already finishing filming the series, fans can’t wait to see their favorite 'Girl Crush' group.

Meanwhile, ITZY releases loads of engaging content and is building strong ties with fans worldwide. Their vlog ITZY V2LOG: Hello 2022 is released every Friday on the group’s official YouTube channel. The fun videos showcase two members of the group who pair up and share their daily activities with fans.

In their recent video on March 25, Yeji and Yuna visited a fish market and made fans smile with their special chemistry.

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