“Jackson finally dropped the hammer”: Top Chef fans react to Jackson Kalb’s confession about losing his sense of taste

Jackson Kalb was eliminated from Top Chef season 19 episode 8 (Image via jacksonkalb/Instagram)
Jackson Kalb was eliminated from Top Chef season 19 episode 8 (Image via jacksonkalb/Instagram)
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The latest episode of Top Chef season 19 was an intense installment featuring Restaurant Wars. It is one of the challenges that viewers eagerly await each season.

This time, Jackson Kalb’s luck ran out as he was eliminated from the show for not giving his 100 percent to the challenge. Since the beginning of the show, Kalb was seen telling in confessionals that he had COVID-19 a few weeks back and thus, had lost his sense of taste and smell.

Apparently, he didn’t get his senses back yet. Till episode 7, the chef managed to impress the judges with his culinary skills without a sense of taste. But this time, the same thing led to the downfall of his team in Restaurant Wars.

Fans’ reaction to Jackson Kalb’s confession after receiving bad review on Top Chef

Kalb was part of Team No Nem, which consisted of Evelyn Garcia, Jae Jung and Luke Kolpin. The judges declared that the team was their least favorite, and pointed out that Kalb was not fit for the Front of the House’s (FOH) role.

The panel felt that Kolpin’s fish dish lacked salt and that most of the meals prepared by the team had less seasoning. Interestingly, Kolpin later confessed that his dish was tasted by Kalb, who had said that it was more salty. In fact, the latter admitted that he found the meals had more salt and seasoning.

Later, while the contestants were waiting for the elimination result, he made a confession to his fellow participants. He told them that he lost his sense of taste due to COVID-19 and was continuing the competition without tasting his dishes.

While some viewers didn’t appreciate Kalb telling the truth at this point, others found the conversation awkward.

Take a look at Top Chef fans’ reactions:

Hahaha Jackson finally dropped the hammer #TopChef
Wait, I thought the rest of the chefs knew that Jackson couldn’t smell or taste?! You’re unintentionally sabotaging dishes with chefs relying on your opinion in team challenges. #TopChef
Jackson using this moment to reveal he is recovering from covid is totally a sympathy ploy!His front of the house was horrible. He should go home!#TopChef
well i didnt think this conversation was going to happen in this moment #topchef
So Jackson tells the rest of the chefs he hasn’t gotten his taste back. #TopChef
Baby, not Jackson finally admitting he lost his sense of taste after they lost restaurant wars #TopChef
Wait omg Jackson didn’t even tell the other chefs that he can’t taste anything?? @BravoTopChef @BravoTV #topchef
OH MY GOD, JACKSON. Not now. Not now. Not now. #TopChef
Weren’t the other chefs wondering why Jackson was always asking someone to taste all of his food? @BravoTopChef @BravoTV #topchef
so not right to tell someone about their food seasoning when your taste is gone #TopChef

All about Top Chef season 19 episode 8

Top Chef episode 8 was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, leadership and good food. While some succeeded, others failed miserably.

The Restaurant Wars episode consisted of two teams: Matriarc and No Nem. The first team included Buddha Lo, Nick Wallace, Ashleigh Shanti and Damarr Brown. The team won the challenge with Shanti being the chef winner. They will receive a cash prize of $40,000.

The second team that lost the challenge included Jackson Kalb (Citrus Curd Shortbread Cookie), Evelyn Garcia (Pani Puri with Shrimp), Jae Jung (Snapper Summer Roll) and Luke Koplin (Choo Chee Curry).

Judges were not impressed with the meals cooked by the second team. Padma Lakshmi pointed out that Garcia’s Pani Puri was not made correctly, while Tom Colicchio criticized the team, stating that they made the best meals to fail Restaurant Wars. However, Jae Jung received appreciation for her dish.

The panel then decided to eliminate Kalb from the show, leaving only seven for the next episode. Top Chef season 19 airs new episode every Thursday on Bravo at 8.00 PM Eastern Time (ET).

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