Jaden Smith's Trippy Summer collection: 5 things he said about the clothing line

Jaden Smith recently launched his Trippy Summer 2022 collection (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jaden Smith recently launched his Trippy Summer 2022 collection (Image via Sportskeeda)

Founder of MSFTSrep Jaden Smith is once again in the news for the brand new Trippy Summer collection. His 2022 collection is gaining more attention specifically for the idea that formed the basis for this collection.

The bedrock of Jaden’s latest collection is psychedelic mushrooms. The Trippy Summer collection features vibrant psychedelic sweaters, v-neck knitted vests, easy-fitting striped pants, black hoodies, 5-pocket jeans, and logo t-shirts. All the limited edition items are adorned with MSFTSrep’s shooting star logo. The complete Trippy collection, that ranges from $80 to $410, is now easily accessible via HBX.

In a recent interview, the 23-year-old explained in detail the psychedelic concept and the significance of mushrooms in his capsule collection. Here are a few important things that Jaden said about his latest apparel lineup.

Five interesting things Jaden Smith said about his Trippy Summer collection

1) "Mushrooms will help in expanding consciousness"

Jaden Smith spoke about why he chose psychedelic mushrooms as the theme for his Trippy Summer collection, saying,

“I believe that mushrooms are going to help us expand consciousness."

According to Smith, it is not only about selling clothes, but more about loading it with spiritual experiences and mystical states. He said that his label creates such clothes that can go along with people's journeys.

2) This collection is for kids who want to try something new

Jaden Smith stated that his latest collection was meant for all those kids who wish for something new in their lives. Throwing more light on this, he said,

“For the kids who stare out the window on the bus at the pink hue in the sky on the way back from school. It’s for the kids who are stealing MPCs [drum machines/samplers] out of the back of a studio’s freaking trash and trying to make a song and an album and something new.”

Smith said that this collection is made especially for those kids who came into this world as aliens. He further added that his clothing line welcomes all those kids “who want to wear a skirt but are too afraid to go to the skate park like that because they know they’re going to get the shit beat out of them.”

3) "Mushrooms are so smart"

As psychedelic mushrooms are the theme of Jaden Smith's latest collection, he highlighted their significance in his interview by saying,

“Mushroom that eats plastic, there’s a mushroom that eats oil from oil spills. Penicillin was invented from [fungi]. Mushrooms are so smart. So I just feel like in general, mushroom power is something that we need to cultivate for the future of humanity. And not just with psychedelics.”

The rapper added that he desires to bring change in the world as well as in the fashion industry when it comes to sustainability.

4) "Create conditions for spiritual epiphany"

Jaden Smith further commented that his goal is to create such designs and such clothes that make people think and take them to the world of spiritual realization.

He stated,

“One of the things we’re [doing with] the clothes this year is… the goal is to create the conditions for a spiritual epiphany. And that is what MSFTSrep is.”

He continued by saying that his Trippy Summer collection will take people into a mystical state and then they will face an epiphany that will change their life.

5) Jaden Smith sees himself as a psychedelic leader

In his interview, he also mentioned that a series of trips in his life had made him realize more about how he must push this movement and how he should become a psychedelic leader. He commented,

“I need to go out in the world and really push this movement and that I need to be a psychedelic world leader.”

He laid emphasis on the importance of psychedelic therapy and added how the use of this therapy is prevailing in today’s world. Jaden also said that psychedelic therapy can help the world in exploring the mystical future.

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