Jared Leto controversy explained as underage accusations resurface online amid Morbius release

Jared Leto (Image via Lia Toby/Getty Images)
Jared Leto (Image via Lia Toby/Getty Images)

Ahead of the official release of Jared Leto's Morbius, the actor has been hit with much controversy over past allegations of targeting underage girls via text. Simultaneously, the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman has also been receiving a lot of flak online as early reviews for Morbius come rushing in.

Over the years, numerous publications have accused Leto of having “predatory behavior” towards underage girls. However, this may be taken with a grain of salt as the reports of him s*xually assaulting minors came from unverified sources and have been in circulation for almost over two decades.

Hey remember that one time James Gunn said that Jared Leto tries to hook up with underage fans and nothing ever came of it

Previously, in 2018, Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody star Dylan Sprouse and Marvel director James Gunn hinted at Leto's creepy behavior, specifically about texting models online.

Exploring the accusations against Jared Leto’s alleged habit of pursuing minor girls


While allegations against Jared Leto targeting teens along with accusations of the actor s*xually assaulting had been spread by numerous less-established publications, the crux of the matter was revealed by former The New York Post reporter Chris Wilson. In 2005, the Blade Runner: 2049 star was accused of “aggressively pursuing teen models.”

As per The New York Post’s source and their claims,

“He’s been approaching all the girls and inviting them to his shows…He’s a serial texter. He is constantly texting these 16- and 17-year-old girls. It’s really kind of creepy.”

At the time, Leto was reportedly staying in New York during a tour of his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars.

2018 allegations by James Gunn and Dylan Sprouse

Yo @JaredLeto now that you’ve slid into the dm’s of every female model aged 18-25, what would you say your success rate is?

In May 2018, Sprouse called out Jared Leto in his tweet and alleged that the actor had “slid into the DMs of every female model aged 18-25.” He also enquired about Leto’s “success rate” in his alleged conversations. It was not clear why Sprouse may have accused Leto at the time.

Later, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn replied to Sprouse’s tweet and wrote,

“He starts at 18 on the internet?”

The tweet insinuated that Jared Leto might have pursued underaged girls in the past. However, the director and screenwriter seems to have deleted the tweet as Gunn’s own past p*dophilic jokes on Twitter resurfaced in the same year. The director was also fired from Marvel as a result of that and proceeded to direct the sequel of WB’s Sucide Squad (2016).

Coincidentally, Jared Leto played a controversial take on the Joker in the prequel to Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021).

Recent reactions from netizens to Leto’s alleged pursuit of underaged girls

Following the abysmal early reviews of Leto’s recent film, Morbius, the actor’s past allegations were again brought to light. Numerous tweets referred to Gunn’s apparently deleted tweet to get further attention over to the accusations.

@GreatCheshire He literally has a sex cult and is one more allegation away from a full cancel. Why any studio would cast this liability is beyond me
@GreatCheshire I was a fan of his band back in the late 2000s and spent a fair amount of time on online forums. There were A LOT of stories about his behaviour with young fans, from inappropriate all the way to assault. Can’t say what’s true or not, but it was basically an open secret.
@GreatCheshire 1- he did not say that. He worded it ambiguously for comedic effect.2- Gunn is well known for making jokes on inappropriate subjects. Is not known for outright libel.
@GreatCheshire To quote Bojack Horseman, "Jared Leto is the honeydew of actors: the worst part of anything he is in."
@thenationalred @GreatCheshire It reads a little weird but Gunn is saying under 18 in real life (not on the internet).
@GreatCheshire This post has the same vibes as Hannibal Burress joking about the horrible things Bill Cosby did before it was common knowledge
@partyendsat9 @GreatCheshire Literally read it again, he is saying that in real life he doesn't wait until 18 it's right there clear as day
@GreatCheshire He tried to pick up my friend from her job at Hollister when we were in high school. I don't expect anyone to believe that from a rando on twitter, but it happened.
@FuckpantsLord @GreatCheshire i believe it. had a few friends who used to work for American Apparel back in high school talk about him basically harassing them for their numbers
@susp_manifold The "on the internet" is implying "he's done this in real life for people younger than 18" pretty clearly.

In addition to these accusations, Leto's Thirty Seconds to Mars admittedly created a self-proclaimed "cult" on their private Croatian island.

Moreover, Leto's alleged questionable behavior on the set of 2016's Suicide Squad further enabled these rumored speculations of predatory behavior. At the time, the actor allegedly sent used condoms to his co-stars, and reportedly sent a dead rat to Margot Robbie.

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