'Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster' review:  A hilarious Netflix special about pandemics, billionaires in space and marching bands 

Still from Netflix's trailer for Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster (Image via YouTube)
Still from Netflix's trailer for Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster (Image via YouTube)

Netflix definitely wishes to end the year with laughs as it recently dropped another comedy special, Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster.

Another one of many for Jim Gaffigan, the comedy special revolved around hawaii, the pandemic and Elon Musk because it never gets boring to talk about billionaires in space and lockdowns.

The official trailer for Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster dropped last week, featuring the best of jokes from the special.

'Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster': Review


Jim Gaffigan made his return with another comedy special that dropped recently on Netflix and is worth everyone's time.

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster started off with the hot topic of the pandemic, where Jim joked about how everyone thought it was over but yet it's still here. He drew parallels between human nature and feelings during this pandemic to things, giving the most iconic lines.

His delivery will make the viewer feel as if the entire pandemic is nothing but a TV show that was supposed to be canceled but got scooped up by Netflix.

Jim then moved on to topics of parenting and then to women, also mentioning his wife, billionaires in the space and rich accountants. He was all packed to throw darts at every relevant topic in today's time and if the viewer is able to connect the dots between them, things would look even funnier.

As Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster progressed deeper, it became more hilarious and since the comedian has an aversion to swearing, things felt more entertaining.

Jim's way of delivery seems different from other comedians which works as a double-edged sword for him as he either comes off as funny or offensive, depending on the kind of audience that surrounds him.

It takes a lot to make people laugh with actual jokes without having to resort to vulgarity and, well, Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster did that.

The comedy special will remind viewers of Jerry Seinfield as well as Brian Regan, but of course a in a nicer, less-physical way. Jim answers the question about marching bands by starting from when they first marched armies into wars to the point where he wonders if his jokes could be a matter of war.

The most memorable joke from Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster has to be:

"If the pandemic means an end to parades, what does this mean for marching bands?"

Jim is known to have observant humor and even in his acts, he seems down-to-earth, no wonder the man has had Grammy nominations in the past. Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster will leave viewers with glee and delight, thanks to the comedian's straightforward jokes on cyclists, gymnasts and billionaires, a.k.a. Elon Musk.

It is a definite must-watch after his unforgettable 'Hot Pocket' act.

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster is now streaming on Netflix with all of Jim's other comedy specials also available for viewing.

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