Joe Pickett season 2 episode 4 recap: Was Luke killed?

A still from Joe Pickett (Image via. Paramount+)
A still from Joe Pickett (Image via. Paramount+)

Season 2 of Joe Pickett is way more intense than the previous season, as this time around, our heroes are dealing with a dangerous serial killer. He has already taken Frank's life and hasn't even reached his final form yet. Paramount+'s Joe Pickett showcases the exploits of a game warden from Wyoming and his family.

This episode of the show, titled Buck Wild, saw the killer take Wally's life and seriously injure Luke. It is not sure if Luke will survive or not. The episode was released on June 18, 2023, on Paramount+.

Joe Pickett season 2 episode 4 recap: What happened to Buck Lothar?

The episode began with Joe coming to his daughter Sheridan's school to have a word with the counselor about her but the discussion just ended in an argument. The show then introduces a character named Buck Lothar. He is a radio talk show host who has been hired by the Governor to locate the people who murdered the hunter. Joe and Luke were in charge of showing Buck around the city.

Buck went to the crime scene, but he was not really interested in that. He wanted to know the location where Frank was shot. The trio roamed in the woods for a while and found impressions of a body dragged over the soil. Back at Sheridan's school, Klamath made a visit to talk to kids about hunting.

Sheridan stood up and supported hunting. Klamath tried to retaliate, but Sheridan looked him straight in the eye and called him an a*sh*le. Joe was summoned to his daughter's school. When he learned what his daughter did, he bought her ice cream. Joe even lied to his wife, Marybeth, that he had started seeing a therapist.

Nate, meanwhile, helped a friend of his kill three people. He then went to Crickett's place and told her that they could not be seen together anymore. In this instance, a henchman who was after Nate came to the door and tried to kill him. Nate acted fast and killed this man instead. Nate and Crickett entered the car and drove away. Nate even told Crickett that they were in it together.

Back in the woods, Joe and Buck Lather realized they might find the murderer soon. They split, but Joe suddenly began having a severe panic attack. Suddenly, someone appeared in front of Buck Lather and shot him. Joe went to the spot and found that it was Chris who had pulled the trigger.

The episode then cut to a different moment where Joe arrested Wally and took him to the car. He was being a nuisance, which is why he arrested him. Wally took Luke's gun and told him to uncuff him.

When this was taking place, a man (the murderer) arrived and shot both Luke and Wally. Wally was instantly killed, and Luke was struggling to stay alive. When Joe arrived, he saw Luke with a poker chip in his hand.

Joe Pickett synopsis


According to Rotten Tomatoes, the synopsis of Joe Pickett reads,

"Game warden Joe Pickett and his family navigate the shifting sociopolitical climate of a rural town on the verge of economic collapse; when a murder victim winds up on Joe's doorstep, the Picketts find themselves embroiled in a larger conspiracy."

Joe Pickett stars Michael Dorman, Julianna Guill, Sharon Lawrence, Paul Sparks, Mustafa Speaks, Skywalker Hughes, Kamryn Pilva, David Alan Grier, Chad Rook, Aadila Dosani, Keean Johnson, and Vivienne Guynn.

Joe Pickett season 2 episode 5 will air on June 25.

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