'Jonas Brothers Family Roast' review: Priyanka Chopra and Lilly Singh get big laughs in Netflix's comedy special

A still from Netflix's 'Jonas Brothers Family Roast' (Image via Netflix)
A still from Netflix's 'Jonas Brothers Family Roast' (Image via Netflix)
Shruti Kotiya

It's almost Thanksgiving, and only the Jonas Brothers were roasted this week on Netflix's comedy special, Jonas Brothers Family Roast.

Directed by Alex Van Wagner and written by Lauren Greenberg, Jonas Brothers Family Roast featured several celebrity guests, who gathered to roast the popular band, mostly on Nick breaking them up. The roast was full of brilliant burns going back and forth since the trio also got a chance to roast each other, their songs, family, solo careers, exes, marriages and their life as a band.

The promo clip for Jonas Brothers Family Roast dropped last week and the comedy special premiered yesterday on Netflix.

'Jonas Brothers Family Roast' review: Kenan Thompson of 'SNL' fame delivered the joke of the day

The highly-anticipated comedy special, Jonas Brothers Family Roast, dropped on Netflix and the brothers are on fire. The roast was hosted by Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson, who started the show off with some quirky facts about the band - a little backstory on the trio until their journey towards reuniting again.

Also present at the Jonas Brothers Family Roast were the brothers' better halves - Danielle, Sophie and Priyanka - who got their chance to rib at their husbands and brother-in-laws. With surprise and unlisted appearances by Dr. Phil and Blake Shelton, the roast kept getting better and better. There were definitely a lot of jokes pointed at Nick for being full of himself, marrying Priyanka and breaking up the band.

Lilly Singh, Pete Davidson and Jack Whitehall also got in lots of laughs from the audience for roasting the brothers to the very edge. Lilly took jabs at all three brothers and reminded everyone: "So yeah, I’m thrilled to finally be on a Netflix comedy special celebrating three white guys from New Jersey!"

The joke of the day was definitely Kenan roasting the Jonas Brothers for Nick's acting career, Joe's band DNCE and Kevin's almost non-existent stardom. Kenan was fast enough to point out the viral Lonely Kevin meme that Joe helped propogate with “Every Destiny’s Child needs its Michelle Williams.” Along with this, Priyanka Chopra Jonas had a lot of jokes ready about babysitting her husband and showing him what an acting career really looks like.

I feel your pain @kevinjonas

But the highlight of the night was definitely John Legend's piano performance of Not Quite The Beatles, where he compared the band to The Beatles, joking about the JoBros and their solo careers. A small sketch by Niall Horan is also featured where he and Joe pretend to be spin class instructors to end the greatest boyband war. It is safe to say that the band will not be breaking up again, but Nick might need some therapy after all those burns.

Stream the Jonas Brothers Family Roast, exclusively available on Netflix, and see the trio get roasted by their celebrity friends and family.

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