"June is so irresponsible": Fans slam June for spreading Covid to her family in Mama June: Road to Redemption

June Shannon from Mama June: Road to Redemption (Image via WeTv)
June Shannon from Mama June: Road to Redemption (Image via WeTv)

Mama June: Road to Redemption season 6 returned for an all-new intense episode on Friday night. In the episode titled Sick and Tired, things turned for the worse after June Shannon tested positive for Covid-19. That wasn't all, she exposed Josh, Pumpkin, Ella, and baby Bentley to the virus as well.

Episode 18 showcased the family trying to recover from the deadly virus. When the episode kicked off, the producers were the ones to break the news to June. They also called up Pumpkin and made her aware of the situation. Due to the exposure, they had to shut down filming for two weeks.

During his confessional, Josh shared,

"June has come and fu**ed it up again people. And it amazes me at the stupidity. It's not safe for my newborn child in the house. It's not safe for my three-year-old. God forbid Alana catch it. People are dying from this sh*t and June will skate by like she always does."

Pumpkin and Josh were furious when they heard the news. Luckily, Doe Doe and her daughter, Alana's boyfriend Dralin, Jessica, and Alana tested negative. But Pumpkin, Josh, Ella, and baby Bentley tested positive.

The virus hit Josh the worse as he could not get out of bed or eat. At one point, he had to drive himself to the emergency room because he wouldn't stop coughing. Doctors revealed that the Mama June: Road to Redemption star was suffering from secondary pneumonia due to the virus.

Pumpkin shared that Ella wasn't eating anything either and that she had to give Ella and Bentley breathing treatment. During her confessional, Pumpkin shared that because of their illness, Josh had to miss a couple of weeks off work, the bills were getting piled up, and Alana had to miss two weeks off school.

Luckily, two weeks later, the family tested negative for Covid and were able to get back to their routine. Fans who watched the episode were furious with June. They took to social media and slammed the Mama June: Road to Redemption star, claiming she was irresponsible.

Fans criticize June for putting her family at risk in Mama June: Road to Redemption

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that June was irresponsible. Some also added that she ruined things and wasn't worried about putting her children and grandchildren at risk.

More details on what happened this week in Mama June: Road to Redemption Episode 18, Season 6

Since Pumpkin, Josh, and the kids tested positive for Covid, Alana and Jessica had to stay in the basement and quarantine themselves to ensure they didn't contract the virus. Meanwhile, June quarantined herself in a hotel, and she didn't even call Pumpkin to apologize for exposing them to the deadly virus.

During her confessional, the Mama June: Road to Redemption star shared that she always wore her mask in the airport but didn't know how she managed to be exposed to Covid. June had traveled across the country talking to other recovering addicts about her journey. Upon her return, she visited Pumpkin's house unannounced during Alana's sweet 16th birthday party and managed to expose them as well.

After the Mama June: Road to Redemption star recovered from Covid, she shared that she couldn't wait to meet her new boyfriend, Justin, for lunch. While having lunch, she asked him to move in with her. She shared she planned on finding a house close to Pumpkin to be near the girls.

Meanwhile, Pumpkin, Jessica, and Doe Doe meet up for frozen yogurt to talk about the mess June had put them through. Pumpkin shared that she was worried about Alana because she was bottling up her feelings for June and not talking to anyone about it.

The Mama June: Road to Redemption star shared that she decided to call Dr.Ish home for a visit so that he could talk to Alana and help her open up about her feelings.

Mama June: Road to Redemption airs every Friday at 9 pm ET only on WeTV. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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