KARD announces comeback with South American tour in July

A still of the Korean co-ed group (Image via official_kard/Twitter)
A still of the Korean co-ed group (Image via official_kard/Twitter)

World-famous K-pop co-ed group KARD recently announced that it is in the process of making new music for its comeback to the entertainment industry. It further confirmed that it would host a South American tour in July 2022.

The co-ed group is a four-member lineup of J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo. The members debuted on July 19, 2017, with the EP Hola Hola.

DSP releases official statement confirming KARD's comeback

On April 12, 2022, the co-ed group’s agency, DSP Media, released an official statement announcing that the group is indeed working on a new album. It further stated that the group’s decision came after group member J.Seph returned from his compulsory military service.

“KARD is working on its new album after their break during J.Seph’s military service.”

The agency further stated that the group would also embark on a South American tour in July. It will visit Santiago and Chile on July 27 and Mexico City on July 31. Additionally, the members will also travel to Curitiba and Brazil, but the dates of the visit are yet to be decided.

"They are preparing for their comeback before their South America tour in July."

Events such as fan meet-and-greets will also be held for fans to meet the members in a more memorable setting.

Fans react to the K-pop group's comeback news

Upon hearing the news, fans took to various social media platforms to express their excitement about the group’s comeback after two years. Fans rejoiced as they will finally be getting some ot4 content after patiently waiting for the return of group member J.Seph.

A brief history of KARD

Group member Somin was previously a part of the Japanese girl group Puretty, which disbanded in 2012. She later joined the Kara project to become a new member of KARA and placed #2. In 2015, she debuted as the leader of the girl group April but decided to leave in November 2015.

Both male members, J.Seph and BM, trained for five and four years, respectively, under DSP Media. The label decided to debut them as a hip-hop duo but later changed its plans. Jiwoo, who trained under FNC Entertainment for two years, shifted to DSP Media in 2016. She trained for only two months and debuted with the other members.

KARD is currently enjoying massive popularity in South America. In a recent live broadcast in March 2022, the members stated that they never really had plans to expand their influence overseas but were surprised when their pre-debut track was well-received globally.

The members also revealed that most of their fan following is from South America, and can’t wait to meet them in person soon.

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