Karol G x Crocs clogs: How to draw and bid, price, and more about the unique collab

Karol G x Crocs collaboration (Image via crocs/Instagram)
Karol G x Crocs collaboration (Image via crocs/Instagram)

Karol G X Crocs has partnered to celebrate her birthday (February 14, 1991) in style. The 31-year-old Colombian singer has decided to launch two brand new silhouettes of Crocs clogs, the Karol G X Crocs Mega Crush Clog and the Karol G X Crocs Classic Crog.

The singer can be seen modeling in the Karol G x Crocs campaign in two different ensembles accompanying the two new silhouettes.These outfits include bold colors, edgy prints, and sheer textures which are unique and a signature of her style.

All about the two new silhouettes of Karol G x Crocs

Karol G announced the collaboration on her social media this week via a video while cutting the cake. The video also featured a Mariachi band wearing her newly-designed Crocs clogs.

In an official press release, Karol G expressed her thoughts behind the collaboration with Crocs and said:

“Today is a reminder to all my fans to celebrate self-love.” “My collab with Crocs has been an amazing experience, it was such an honor to be able to work on the design and create the Jibbitz charms to truly express the message I wanted to come across when people saw them: LOVE, SELF-LOVE!"

Having begun 3 AM ET on February 14, 2022, fans can start bidding for these two clogs on Crocs' official website. The bid will go on till 12 PM ET on February 18, 2022. Winners for the bid will be selected randomly and will be notified within 12 hours of the draw's end.

Crocs' official site gives clear instructions on the bidding and states:

"We partner with EQL to ensure fair drawings for everyone. When we launch a drawing you will enter your information, create an EQL account if you don’t have one, and provide payment info to complete your entry."

It further goes on to say:

"You will be notified by email within 12 hours of the draw closing if you won. Your card will be charged at that time - $110 for the Mega Crush Clog or $70 for the Clog + tax USD. Shipping details will be provided once the product is available."

The new Clogs duo includes a red iteration of the brand's Classic Crog, and gives it a punk rock makeover with a touch of love. It has embellishments of barbed wire accents.

The style also features Jibbitz charms, which are designed by Karol G personally, and are in the shape of safety pins and metal hearts. The style is for $70 USD + taxes, and can be bid on here. The product description reads:

"The Karol G X Crocs Classic Clog comes in a bold rose red, with decorative barbed wire and heart Jibbitz™ charms showing that love isn’t everything. Metal hearts clipped to the pivoting heel strap and a safety pin complete the Karol G philosophy of fighting against hate with fearless confidence. Cupid might still get you, but you’ll be ready for romance on your own terms in these KG clogs."

The second pair of the Karol G x Croc collaboration has brought a heeled-take to the classic Clog silhouette, with a ridged black rubber tread. Additionally, 2.4 inches of platform heels being given to add height, as well as an edge to the silhouette.

The style also features foam upper and red colorways like the first pair in the collaboration. In this iteration of the clog, Karol G has added charms in plush red, pink, white, and black hearts which give an ideal look for Valentine's Day. The pair is called Mega Crush Clog and fans can bid here for the price of $110 USD + taxes.

Shoppers can enter the bidding for either shoe on the official website of Crocs though an EQL after creating the account or logging into previous account. After logging in one needs to provide payment information. The winners of the bid will be notified via email and the cards will be automatically be charged for the purchase.

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