KCON 2022: Tickets, dates, locations, and all you need to know about the popular K-pop festival

K-pop girl group ITZY 's performance at KCON (Image via KCON's website)
K-pop girl group ITZY 's performance at KCON (Image via KCON's website)

CJ ENM has finally announced the comeback of its KCON series in Korea, the United States, and Japan on March 17, 2022.

The line-up and programs for the multiple festival events are yet to be revealed, but they are set to take place in the coming months. More information will shortlybe available about this year's festivals, as well as ticket sales and lineups.

The LA festival will be held in Los Angeles in August, following the events titled KCON 2022 Premiere at CJ ENM Center in Seoul on May 7 and May 8, Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba, east of Tokyo, on May 14 and May 15, and Rosemont Theater in Chicago on May 20 and May 21. In October 2022, the concert series will come to a close in Tokyo.

All about the biggest K-Pop festival KCON 2022

Starting in 2022, the festival will be a global event open to fans from all over the world, not just those who join the festival in person.

Furthermore, for fans who will be unable to attend in person, the event will also revive its virtual program KCON:TACT, which has been hosted five times in the last two years to replace the original physical festival.


Fans interested in learning more about the festival in the coming weeks can visit kconusa.com.

After a long hiatus, the festival is finally returning to the United States. CJ ENM, an entertainment company based in Los Angeles, is bringing back the fan festival, which commemorates Korean culture and music.

The return of the festival in LA arrives after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and marks the tenth anniversary of the festival's founding in Irvine, California, in 2012, before expanding to nine more cities and regions across North America, Europe, and Asia. Nearly 291,000 people attended the festival's latest in-person event in 2019.

It noted a substantial 29-fold growth at the Worldwide K-Culture Festival, beginning with 10,000 people in the first year and capturing an audience of more than 291,000 in 2019, which was the last face-to-face performance.

The festival has previously been held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Crypto.com Arena and has displayed performances by experienced K-pop acts, including well-known newcomers to the genre.

The lineup for LA has yet to be announced, but previous performers have included BTS, Girls Generation, MONSTA X, TWICE, ITZY, NCT 127, and others. The festival has risen to include events in New York, Tokyo, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, and other cities, with over 1 million attendees.

Through star-studded live shows, interactive panels, and an exhibition overfilled with new products, exclusive programs, idol guest spots, and, of course, artist involvement, the opportunity to meet and even hi-touch your favorite K-pop stars, the festival allows fans to explore K-pop, K-beauty, K-food, and much more.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival has gone digital, garnering a total of 22.45 million spectators for five virtual events in the last two years.

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