Kep1er is all suited up in a new choreography video for 'WA DA DA'

The Girls Planet 999 winners impress fans worldwide (Image via YouTube/@kep1er)
The Girls Planet 999 winners impress fans worldwide (Image via YouTube/@kep1er)
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Rookie girl group Kep1er kept their promise to many of their fans and released a brand new video for their hit song “WA DA DA.”

One of the group members, Choi Yu Jin, had promised fans a new choreography video, wearing suits, for their song, if the music video for "WA DA DA" surpassed 30 million views on YouTube. Fans were quick to deliver, and by January 9, the milestone was left long behind.

Kep1er's 'WA DA DA' music video crossed 30 million views within 6 days of release

On January 16, Kep1er, made up of the top nine finalists of Girls Planet 999, dropped a new choreography video for WA DA DA. The members deviated from their usual concept in the video and performed the number in chic blazers and shirts while sporting glasses, heels, and other fun props.

Fans, understandably, were more than impressed with Kep1er’s new avatar. While their power-packed performance impressed, as usual, several gushed over how good each member looked, with Xiaoting earning most praise.

Some of the comments on the YouTube video went like this:

"Xiaoting and Bahiyyih are so handsome and gorgeous, Youngeun and Dayeon are so cool, Yeseo shines so bright, Yujin looks stunning, Chaehyun is so soft, Mashiro looks so good, Hikaru is very cool and charming."
"Wearing Highheels while dancing is kinda hard, but... they nailed it The power of 'Queens.'"
"Whoever chose the outfits needs a raise, these are my fav ones since their debut stage. They look insanely good, with actually right sized and not uncomfortable clothes. Also Yujin \(>o<)ノ She slayed this so much omg, her aura, her elegance, she suits this concept 100000% I want to see Kep1er do a suit concept rn xx"
"Xiaoting with glasses looks so good! She knows how to change a boring outfit to a hot one."
"There is not even a single fault in this group. Every member shines. Such a cool performance."
something about kep1er in suits is just so breathtaking
hikayeon indeed the powerful duo of kep1er

Watch the video here:


Meanwhile, WA DA DA is the lead single of the group’s debut mini-album First Impact, which was released on January 3, after a number of delays. The album also features two new songs, “See The Light” and “MVSK,” along with covers of Girls Planet 999 tracks like “Shine”, “Another Dream” and “O.O.O”.

Kep1er’s debut was originally scheduled for December 14. An unexpected COVID-19 diagnosis of a staff member threw a wrench into the plans, and the debut was postponed to 2022. Not long after, two members, Xiaoting and Mashiro, tested positive for COVID-19, leading to much concern among fans. But evidently, all is well that ends well, and the group is clearly here to stay.

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