Fans take over Twitter as Kep1er achieves 1st music show win with 'WA DA DA'

Kep1er on Mnet Debut Showcase (Image via @M2MPD/Twitter)
Kep1er on Mnet Debut Showcase (Image via @M2MPD/Twitter)

Kep1er has been riding high on success since its debut. The rookie girl group earned its first music show award for its debut song WA DA DA on M Countdown on January 13, 2022. The group’s fans, called Kep1ians, turned Twitter into a celebration as they showered the group with love and support.

The win holds even more importance for Kep1ians, as the nine-member girl group went through multiple hurdles on its pathway to debut. Just ten days after its debut, the group achieving a music show win is extraordinary.

#Kep1er1stWin trends No. 1 worldwide as fans celebrate the group’s first music show win


Brought together through the survival show Girls Planet 999, Kep1er’s debut was amongst the highly-anticipated K-pop debuts of the year. Though delayed, the group made a splashing debut with its catchy title track WA DA DA from album FIRST IMPACT.

In the second week of December M Countdown, the nine-member girl group's WA DA DA went up against IVE’s ELEVEN. With a gap of 454 points, WA DA DA brought the project girl group its first-ever music show win. Teary-eyed members gave heartfelt speeches expressing their gratitude towards their fans.

As soon as the winners were announced, Kep1ians turned to Twitter to celebrate the good news. They trended ‘Kep1er1stWin’ and ‘WADADA1stWin’ in the global top 5 ranks on the micro-blogging site.

Fans walked down the Girls Planet 999 memory lane and felt emotional. Loyal Kep1ians walked beside the girls’ path from being trainees in a show to an idol group winning their first music show and performing encore stages.

They expressed their love for the members, who all arrived from different countries to achieve their dreams of being K-pop idols.

With the music show in, Kep1er performed its first encore stage. The stable vocals and live singing made fans fall in love with the group again, as they believed the group shut up anyone who might criticize them for lip-syncing.

Meanwhile, this week’s M Countdown also saw performances of H1-KEY’s Athletic Girl, ENHYPEN’s Blessed-Cursed, Hyloyn’s Layin’, OnlyOneOf’s Skinz, MIRAE’s Marvelous, P1Harmony’s Do It Like This and others.

As per K-pop chart accounts on Twitter, the band is now tied with former girl group IZ*ONE at No. 3 in the fastest girl group to win first music show list. The project girl group is bested by ITZY, who won its first music show win in nine days and IVE, who won it in seven days.

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