Kim Seon Ho endorsement list: 10 brands drop him from their global campaigns

Kim Seon Ho (Image via Instagram/@seonho_kim)
Kim Seon Ho (Image via Instagram/@seonho_kim)

K-media outlet MyDaily reported a list of ten brands that have dropped Kim Seon Ho from their global advertising campaigns. The removal from brand deals arose after the Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor got embroiled in manipulation and forced-abortion allegations by his ex-girlfriend.

Called the ‘Actor K’ controversy, Kim Seon Ho apologized for his “carelessness and inconsiderate actions” in his statement released today on October 20. A few brands deleted their posts with the actor the day the allegations broke out.

Kim Seon Ho gets dropped from ten endorsement deals after posting an apology

The Actor K allegations arose on October 17, when Kim Seon Ho’s alleged ex-girlfriend uploaded a lengthy post detailing her experience of being manipulated into abortion with false marriage hopes by an actor she chose not to name. However, things stated in the post pointed towards the rising actor Kim Seon Ho, and things took an ugly turn, dividing the K-drama fandom in half.

Before the news was confirmed that the supposed Actor K was the StartUp actor, brands such as Dominos Pizza Korea and Food Bucket took down their advertisements featuring him. Soon, Kim Seon Ho released an apology through his agency, but the damage had already been done.

Here’s a list of Kim Seon Ho’s endorsement deals that have now fallen out:

1) Dominos Pizza Korea

Kim Seon Ho was announced as the new ambassador for Dominos Pizza Korea in February 2021. Multiple posts of the actor already up on their Instagram were taken down before the official statements, leading disgruntled fans to criticize them.

2) La Roche Posay


A popular skincare product especially for sensitive skin, French brand La Roche Posay had roped in Kim Seon Ho at the start of the year. They too have cut off the actor now.

3) Food Bucket

Food Bucket selected Kim Seon Ho as their new model in November last year, a month after the end of his hit drama, StartUp. The brand has also deleted the actor’s posts from their social media.

4) Wide Angle

W.ANGLE or Wide Angle is a famous apparel brand in South Korea. Kim Seon Ho endorsed one of their golf apparel collections back in April this year. They’re now one of the brands that have removed him from their media campaigns and deleted his posts.

5) 11street

In April this year, Kim Seon Ho was chosen as the new model for clothing brand 11th Street, aka 11st. As reported by a media outlet, the company expected his image “will further strengthen the propagation of good influence”, as reported by a media outlet. They had multiple Instagram posts of the actor and even YouTube ads. Currently, they have deleted or archived the posts and made their videos private.

6) Nau

Similarly, in February this year, the eco-friendly lifestyle brand nau roped in the StartUp actor along with Moon Ga Young as their new models. Now, only Moon Ga Young’s posts can be seen on their Instagram.

7) Miima Mask

Miima Mask revealed Kim Seon Ho as their new face in February this year. They teased the audience with closeups before finally revealing the actor. Their Instagram page currently has only 20 posts, with no sight of Kim Seon Ho’s teasers or posters. Even his YouTube commercials have been removed.

8) Shinhan MyCar

Back in January this year, Shinhan My Car, an auto financing platform, selected Kim Seon Ho as their new endorsement model. However, the brand has now made its commercial video with the actor private.

9) Canon Korea

Top camera photography brand Canon collaborated with Kim Seon Ho in February. Canon Korea is one of the brands that has deleted its posts with the actor.

10) Edition Sensibility

Another clothing brand, Edition Sensibility, has removed Kim Seon Ho’s images from their official Instagram account. However, his posts on Facebook remain. He was revealed as the brand’s new model in February this year.

Meanwhile, three of his upcoming films have also dropped him from the projects. Even 2 Days, 1 Night, the variety show he participates in as a cast member, have dropped him.

Edited by Ashish Yadav