KPOP.FLEX 2022: Top 5 performances from Europe's biggest K-pop event

Kai, NCT Dream, and MAMAMOO performing at the KPOP.FLEX in Germany (Image via @SBSNOW/Twitter)
Kai, NCT Dream, and MAMAMOO performing at the KPOP.FLEX in Germany (Image via @SBSNOW/Twitter)

KPOP.FLEX 2022 has officially created history by becoming the most prominent K-pop festival in Europe. The mega K-pop event was headlined by hit groups from South Korea, where they performed and entertained more than 40,000 fans with their charisma, stage presence, and popular songs.

Apart from the engrossing acts at the KPOP.FLEX 2022 concert, the captivating events organized by the Korean Tourism Organization were enough to increase Europe's love for the K-pop nation.

It was about time for Europe to experience its first K-pop festival, and KPOP.FLEX 2022 served the audience with stellar artists like MAMAMOO, Kai, and even fresh rookies like IVE.

Here are the top five performances from the KPOP.FLEX 2022 concert day 1 that the viewers cannot stop gushing about.

Top five performances from KPOP.FLEX 2022 concert day 1

1) KAI's spellbinding moves

EXO's KAI is a world-class performer as he captivated the audience with performances on his hit singles Mmmh, Peaches, To Be Honest, and his own favorite, Vanilla.

Also showcasing his vocal abilities at the KPOP.FLEX 2022 concert, KAI delivered an impactful performance while donning a black suit.

The singer is also EXO's main dancer, which was ultimately clear at the event. His performance was further complimented with fan chants and crowd cheers.

2) MAMAMOO's hip stage

The four-member girl group turned the event into a starry night with enthralling performances on songs like HIP, gogobebe, Aya, and Mumumumuch.

The Egoistic singers are blessed with heavenly vocals, and their powerful energy is remarkable while performing online, which made the KPOP.FLEX 2022 event more successful.

MAMAMOO's performance was heartwarming, and a wonderful experience for the fans since the group had previously shared about not making a comeback anytime soon.

3) NCT Dream's cute and sensual set

NCT Dream did not fail to drip the hot sauce at the K-pop festival. Even though the two members, Mark and Heechan, could not attend, the other five set the stage on fire with impeccable performances on their new hit Glitch Mode and other admired songs such as Hot Sauce, Ridin, and Hello Future.

NCT Dream impressed the audience with an array of concepts. The boys went from being cute to bold to sensual during their performance.

However, they won all hearts in the end, as Jisung took out a ring from his pocket and proposed to all the fans present there.

4) ENHYPEN's powerful choreography

ENHYEPN, which debuted in November 2020, had its first foreign experience via KPOP.FLEX 2022 concert. However, the seven-member group still managed to bring all the attention to themselves with their powerful choreography, sharply detailed coordination, and popular songs.

ENHYPEN surprised the attendees with an impressive performance on MIX & MAX's Bleeding Darkness. The group also grooved to Drunk-Dazed and Fever, Polaroid Love, Tamed-Dashed, Blessed-Cursed. The act also had a special act performed by Sunwoo and Jungwon.

Apart from the performance, Heesung impressed fans with his voice by singing a snippet from Justin Bieber's Off My Face.

5) IVE's charismatic 11/10 performance

Like ENHYPEN, IVE also tasted their first overseas experience at KPOP.FLEX 2022 concert day 1. Due to their quickly elevated popularity, the girl group was also picked to perform on the festival's second day.

IVE, who debuted less than a year ago, brought their A-game and charming visuals on stage as they danced to Love Dive, Eleven, and B-side track Royal.

The girls looked extremely charismatic as they paired their performances with luxurious looks following a typical school-girl concept.

KPOP.FLEX Concert Day 1 was filled with mesmerizing performances from some of the biggest acts in the K-pop world.

The VCR film played at the event featured heartfelt messages from Stray Kids, TXT Yeonjun, and Kwon Eun-bi. Squid Game fame Jung Ho Yeon also recorded a message for the audience and wished them a good time.

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