Ksenia Schnaider x Adidas Samba 2.0 sneakers: Everything we know so far

Ksenia Schnaider x Adidas Samba 2.0 (Image via kicksdong)
Ksenia Schnaider x Adidas Samba 2.0 (Image via knowing_kicks)

The Adidas Samba 2.0 sneaker model is making a comeback in collaboration with the Ksenia Schnaider. Sneakerheads love Adidas Simba shoes, and the 2.0 edition, as an updated version, has also earned widespread popularity among the sneakerhead community. The Adidas Samba sneaker was created for indoor soccer but has now become a popular streetwear option.

The updated version of the popular streetwear show, Samba 2.0 will soon make a colorful appearance. The official release date along with the price of Ksenia Schnaider x Adidas Samba 2.0 sneakers has not been confirmed yet. However, sneakerheads can expect that the shoe soon will be available for purchase via the official store of Ksenia Schnaider as well as Adidas.

Ksenia Schnaider x Adidas Samba 2.0 sneakers will come in women's sizes

Ksenia Schnaider x Samba 2.0 (Image via knowing_kicks)
Ksenia Schnaider x Samba 2.0 (Image via knowing_kicks)

To know Adidas Samba 2.0, it is important to know about the original Samba. It was first introduced in 1949 as a mid-top sneaker designed for soccer players to train and play on icy surfaces. The Samba made its debut at the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where it gained popularity, and the name was inspired by an indigenous Brazilian dance and music genre.

As time went on, people's attraction to Adidas Samba increased, not only as a soccer shoe but as a streetwear sneaker. Its unique design, comfortable fit, and premium quality make it a perfect shoe for everyday purposes. Whether it's a party or college, sneakerheads choose Samba as their companion.

Due to this high demand, in recent years, the sneaker label introduced Adidas Samba 2.0. This new model has a more chunky look that goes perfectly with the contemporary fashion trend.

The new version of the Adidas Samba 2.0 is designed by Ukrainian fashion designer, Ksenia Schnaider. She has collaborated with Adidas Originals on several occasions, resulting in a collection of unconventional garments that showcase her unique design aesthetic.

The collaboration began in May 2022 when DL1961 commissioned Ksenia Schnaider to create a custom look for its "Indigo" exhibition in London. Since then, Ksenia Schnaider has worked with Adidas Originals to create a range of clothing and footwear. Now they have been working on Adidas Samba 2.0.

The upper of this iteration of the Adidas Samba 2.0 is constructed out of a multicolored textile, which is then contrasted with black accents throughout the shoe's trademark: Three Stripes, heel counter, and T-toe overlay. The vivid color scheme is emphasized by strategic applications of white on the lace eyelets, tongue, and internal lining of the shoe.

The name "Samba" is shown in a sleek black typeface on the midfoot, and the insole boasts dual branding in both white and black, with a splash of Schnaider's distinctive green color. The design is finished off with a gum rubber outsole and midsole that have a semi-transparent appearance. This adds a bit of vintage flair to the otherwise modern take.

Even though the official release date of this new Samba 2.0 sneakers has not been revealed yet, it can be expected that the shoe will come soon in the coming months of 2023. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the official pages of Adidas and Ksenia Schnaider to know further details.

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