Liam Payne buccal fat removal claim surfaces as before and after pictures go viral

Liam Payne
Liam Payne's buccal fat removal pictures go viral (Image via luvrcinema/Twitter)

Liam Payne left fans shocked following his recent red carpet appearance. The singer looked noticeably different as he attended Louis Tomlinson’s All of Those Voices documentary premiere in London. Netizens have since taken to social media to express their surprise.

The One Direction singer’s jawline looked sharper than it has in the past. His cheekbones also seemed to be much more defined.

Liam Payne donned a white blazer with a pair of black pants. He posed alongside his new girlfriend Kate Cassidy.

Liam Payne with Kate Cassidy (Image via Getty Images)
Liam Payne with Kate Cassidy (Image via Getty Images)

Internet users were stunned to see the singer show off his long hair and chiseled features. Many believe that the musician may have gotten the buccal fat surgery done.

In recent months, several celebrities including Lea Michele, Sophie Turner and Amelia Hamlin, among others, have come to light for potentially getting the surgery done. Chrissy Teigen is the only celebrity who has admitted to getting the procedure done.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, buccal fat surgery helps in removing the fat between the cheekbones and the jawbones. This helps in highlighting the bone structure of one’s face.

Doctors have shared in interviews that it is likely that Liam Payne must have gotten the surgery. Dr. Azza Halim, a board-certified aesthetician, opined that fillers alone would not help the singer achieve a chiseled look. She added that it is likely that he had buccal fat surgery.


Netizens react to Liam Payne’s face change

Internet users were taken aback by the 29-year-old’s face. A few comments online read:

not liam payne getting buccal fat removal 🤭
was nobody going to tell me about liam payne’s buccal fat removal???
liam payne buccal fat removal
bro did liam payne get buccal fat removal??
liam payne's buccal fat removal makes me so uncomfortable idk that man
Liam Payne got his buccal fat removed and as a former Liam girl..... good for him
liam payne getting a buccal fat removal is so hilariously unsurprising
liam payne getting buccal fat surgery wasn't on my 2023 bingo card

Doctors opine on Liam Payne’s buccal fat surgery

Founding injector at Plump Cosmetics, Pamela Weinberger believes that the musician must have opted for regular maintenance botox, jawline filler, lip filler, and chin filler to achieve his facial look.

Weinberger said:

“His new look is definitely sharper than it was in the past and has a bit of a “wow factor” for sure with how different his facial structure is looking.”

Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who has worked with celebrities like Melissa Gorga and Lele Pons, revealed in an interview that Liam Payne must have gotten fillers that contour his jaw and chin.

Despite the craze for the surgery going viral, aestheticians do not recommend everyone get the same. Kassir opined that it can cause “premature aging” for few people. The celebrity surgeon noted that the best candidates for buccal fat pad removal are those who are generally fit and have a good diet and exercise plan.

Liam Payne had not confirmed whether he had gone under the knife at the time of writing this article.

Apart from going viral for his face change, Payne also made news for penning a sentimental post for former bandmate, Louis Tomlinson. He said in his post:

“I’m so thankful to have you in my life mate I feel so lucky and I know you know this but you were part of a small group of people that literally saved my life, you dragged me out of something so dark"

The singer had attached an image of himself alongside Tomlinson. They appeared to be at the documentary premiere.

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