'Married At First Sight': Expert intervention to help Alyssa and Chris navigate their relationship 

Pastor Cal holds an intervention for Alyssa and Chris (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)
Pastor Cal holds an intervention for Alyssa and Chris (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)

It is decision time for Lifetime's Married At First Sight star Chris. In a preview clip, viewers can see that Pastor Cal, one of the experts, sits down with Alyssa and Chris to help them navigate their issues and figure out a prospective path forward.

The duo had a rocky start to their relationship as they have been plagued with several issues since their wedding. Alyssa wasn't comfortable with the arrangement even after the wedding. She didn't feel attracted to Chris and didn't spend the night with him. Their journey after that only got rockier.

'Married At First Sight' hopes expert intervention could guide the duo

The honeymoon on Married At First Sight was bumpy. The previous episode saw Alyssa walking away from Chris after arguing about the couple moving in together after their honeymoon.

During dinner, Chris provided Alyssa with an ultimatum on continuing together or getting a divorce, to which Alyssa said nothing. In the preview clip, Pastor Cal intervenes to find an amicable solution.

The pastor started with Chris, who said:

"Alyysa from the wedding night, has no interest in being married to me. She says that we’re not compatible. She’s used the phrase robbed. It all started the night of the wedding.”

Alyssa responded by saying:

“When I first saw him I was like, OK, I don’t think that that’s, like, my physical type. And I think that was, like, when I first started to be like, ‘Oh my God. What did I get myself into?’”

Alyssa confessed that she felt uncomfortable sharing the bed with someone she wasn't attracted to. Pastor Cal wanted to understand if Alyssa knowingly agreed to marry, to which she replied in the affirmative. Chris felt Alyssa was never in this to marry. He said,

"I think there are a lot of reasons to still be here but I don't think marriage is the one you're here for."

Married At First Sight star Alyssa fired back at Chris and claimed that his prodding on the matter was triggering her. She claimed to be a good person and signed up for the show with good intent. The clip ends with Chris saying that it was his "decision day."

Married At First Sight airs every Wednesday at 8.00 pm ET on Lifetime.

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