'Light the Night' season 2 review: Taiwanese thriller soap drama turns into a tedious whodunnit mystery

Still from Light the Night (Image via Youtube/ Netflix Asia)
Still from Light the Night (Image via Youtube/ Netflix Asia)

Light the Night is a Taiwanese thriller-drama series starring Ruby Lin, Cheryl Yang, Yo Yang, Rhydian Vaughan, and Derek Chang. The first season of the series was released on Netflix on 26 November 2021 and a little over a month later, the second season is also out.

The cloak-and-dagger drama quickly became one of the most watched series due to its gripping plot and soapy nature featuring heartbreak, friendship, jealousy, and love.

Additionally, what made Light the Night a hit among fans was a well-written murder mystery. While the series is originally in Mandarin, Netflix has subtitles for viewers' convenience.

Released on 30 December 2021, Light the Night season 2 picks up after the victim is revealed at the end of season 1. The latest eight episodes of the series are dedicated to searching for the killer as well as uncovering the secrets associated with the women at Light.

'Light the Night' season 2: From "who is the victim" to whodunnit


At the end of season 1, Light the Night came to a shocking yet somewhat predictable close with the murder victim being Sue. After eight episodes of jumping back and forth between timelines and character backgrounds, the final reveal of the victim took the fans by surprise and heartbreak. Naturally, it left viewers asking the question of who did it and that's what season 2 intends to explore.

Season 2 of Light the Night opens with a dive into the past about the development of Rose and Sue's sister-like friendship. Viewers get to see young Rose and Sue navigate their difficult families and become each other's ride or die.

The narrative then jumps back into the present-day, with Rose mourning her fellow Mamasan's death while still having complex feelings regarding her.

As the news about Sue's death breaks out, the other women are shown to have their own secrets, making all of them look like potential killers. The first few episodes of the second season of Light the Night keep viewers suspecting every character only to eventually rule them out in later episodes.

Light the Night season 2 sees the club as well as its employees reeling from the aftermath of Sue's death, which has crime investigators on each and everyone's tails.

Disturbing and shocking details from Sue's past have also come to light, convoluting the case further. With each new revelation, Rose starts seeming more and more guilty but to find out who killed Sue and a lot more shocking twists, viewers will have to tune into the latest season.

'Light the Night' season 2: How does the series progress?

The first season of Light the Night created quite a buzz and provided viewers with a unique experience of a Taiwanese thriller series set in the 1980s. While some soapy dramas have elements of romance and superficiality, this series attracted viewers worldwide with its intriguing and mysterious plot.

Compared to season 1, the second bow of Light the Night isn't too heavy on the timeline jumps. It's relatively easy to follow and also has fewer clichés about women fighting over men.

Women at Light are more business-oriented this season and even stand up for one another. That said, the absence of Cheryl Yang's character and the Rose-Sue dynamic definitely left a gaping void that a certain new Mamasan could not fulfill.

While the previous season kept viewers on edge figuring out who the victim was, this season attempts to create the same intrigue about the identity of the killer but gets tiresome in the process.

There are subplots that go nowhere and seem unnecessary. However, viewers do see a convergence between the murder and the drug racket arcs, as the narrative leads to an interesting conclusion.

For viewers of the previous season, the second part of Light the Night is clearly unmissable. As a three-part series with episodes in continuation of the previous ones, you won't be able to take your eyes off it until the mystery unravels.

Despite its minute shortcomings, the series will once again manage to keep up the intrigue and have viewers engrossed.

Light the Night season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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