Liked TWICE's The Feels? Here are 5 more songs from the girl group that will make you groove

K-pop girl band TWICE (Image via @JYPETWICE/Twitter)
K-pop girl band TWICE (Image via @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

TWICE has recently emerged as one of the most-liked K-pop girl groups. The music video for The Feels was a huge hit, especially on Tiktok.

TWICE’s The Feels surpassed 200 million views on Youtube, a praiseworthy achievement by a K-pop group. The track also became the girl group’s first song to enter both US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.

The choreography and dance style of The Feels is top-notch, explaining why fans were obsessed with the hit track. TWICE members are known for their groovy dance moves, and all their songs are a testament to that.

Let’s take a look at some of the girl group’s songs that make fans dance and groove.

Five songs by TWICE that will leave you obsessed: Fancy, I can’t stop me, and more

1) Scientist


The title track of the girl group’s album Formula of Love: O+T= was released on November 12, 2021. With 80s synth beats, Scientist is described as a mix of deep house and dance-pop. The music video starts with a slow pace and goes into to show members in a dance formation.

The track has a pink-and-white theme to it and showcases members indulging in various scientific and mathematical procedures, likewise the song title. Lyrically it talks about how love is not a science and one shouldn't overthink it. They should let their hearts decide the way and let loose of their feelings.

2) I can’t stop me


Released on October 26, 2020, the song is a part of TWICE’s second Korean-language album, Eyes wide open. The track is an '80s synth-wave with elements of disco, which fans found extremely interesting. I can’t stop me features a fairytale-like theme with flowers and mountains.

The pop song starts with members inside a massive flower which appears to be a lotus. Their costumes and visuals in this song are min-blowing. The fast pace and groovy beats make it a must-listen song.

3) Fancy


This lead single from the girl group's seventh extended play, Fancy You, was released on April 22, 2019. Fancy’s music video was a massive hit that surpassed 42.1 million views on Youtube in a single day.

From pitch-dark backdrops to vibrant and colorful outfits, the song offers a changing atmosphere. The pop song with electro beats makes fans dance to its tunes. Especially entertaining is Fancy’s choreography, which comprises simple yet attractive dance moves.

4) What is love


This title track of TWICE’s fifth extended play of What is Love was released on April 9, 2018. It was featured on the Gaon's Digital Chart and Billboard Korea's Kpop Hot 100. The song’s music video follows an adorable format, with each member imagining a fairytale-like romance in their lives.

As the name suggests, they explore what love is about and, in the process, knit cute little stories. The retro electro-pop track offers extremely fun and merry choreography, with little jumps and casual dancing. Fans adored the concept and found it to be relatable, which accounts for its success as well.

5) Feel special


This is the lead single from the K-pop girl group’s eighth extended play, Feel Special, and was released on September 23, 2019. The song offers a charismatic and captivating music video with bright colors. The sparkly-themed music video, along with the mesmerizing visuals of TWICE members, can keep fans hooked for hours.

Feel Special has quirky synths and bass beats which makes it difficult for an individual to just sit uptight without grooving to the pop song. The dance choreography is outstanding, to say the least.

From perfectly coordinated moves to synced formations, the girl group does it all. Feel Special featured in the Billboard's Kpop Hot 100 and peaked as high as #4 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100.

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