Lil Nas X slammed by fans for attending an alleged "COVID party"

A video featuring Lil Nas X at a COVID party has been doing the rounds on the internet (Image via Getty Images)
A video featuring Lil Nas X at a COVID party has been doing the rounds on the internet (Image via Getty Images)

Days after his "Satan Shoes" controversy grabbed headlines across the globe, Montero Lamar Hill, aka Lil Nas X, seems to have landed in hot water yet again after footage of him at an alleged "COVID party" recently surfaced online.

The 21-year-old "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" hitmaker was a mainstay on the Twitter trending page over the last few days, thanks to his collab with MSCHF on a customized pair of Air Max '97 Satan-themed shoes.

The storm surrounding this controversy barely settled before a video featuring Lil Nas X at a large gathering that was termed a "COVID party" by social media began doing the rounds on the internet.

The party that Lil Nas X attended was believed to be in celebration of American singer Austin Mahone's 24th birthday. A bunch of TikTokers, including Quen Blackwell, were reportedly present at the event.

In a viral clip that has been circulating online, Lil Nas X can be seen dancing with Quen Blackwell and a large group of people as his song Montero plays in the background.

The clip invoked the ire of the internet as there were no masks in sight. There were also reports that there were signs being put up at the party which read "No Social Media."

In light of these concerning developments, many Lil Nas X fans expressed disappointment over his recent actions and took to Twitter to call him out over the same.

Lil Nas X sparks backlash after he is spotted at a massive party mid-pandemic

Lil Nas X has become the center of all attention in the last few days, courtesy of the launch of his controversial Satan Shoes.

While his detractors considered it to be outright blasphemy, his fans praised him for exposing the conservativeness that continues to cast a shadow over modern-day society.

Amidst all the publicity, his song "Montero" ended up benefitting immensely, raking in millions of views and becoming a major trend across social media forums.

From sharing a heartfelt note behind the meaning of the song to issuing a rebellious cry against the suppression of freedom of expression, Lil Nas X also managed to win over a slew of people over the last few weeks.

However, ever since footage of him at the alleged "COVID party" surfaced online, fans have been left disappointed as they labeled him hypocritical, keeping in mind his previous tweets about mass gatherings:

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans called out Lil Nas X over his appearance at the massive party in the midst of a raging pandemic:

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc across the globe, TikTokers and celebrities have come under intense scrutiny for attending parties in hordes.

As dissent continues to mount online, it looks like Lil Nas X's appearance at the "COVID party" has only left the internet further conflicted.

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