Little People, Big World 2022 (season 24) cast list: Meet the Roloff family and others from TLC’s reality TV show

Little People, Big World set to welcome a new member in season 24
Little People, Big World set to welcome a new member in season 24 (Image via Instagram/@tlc)

Little People, Big World is set to return with another season, and by the end of season 23, the Roloff family saw a lot of changes, which will be apparent in season 24. Tori welcomes her third child, Zack and Tori are now happily outnumbered. The trailer also teases conflict between multiple cast members as Tori doesn’t want Matt’s girlfriend Carlyn to meet the newest member of the family, meaning a little more drama.

The official synopsis for season 24 reads:

“Many hurt feelings remain over Matt’s decision to sell the North side of the farm and the waiting game begins on whether Matt can find a buyer. Zach and Tori are settling nicely into their new house in Washington but there’s no time to relax because baby #3 shakes things up by coming early. Zach and Tori are now outnumbered and will have to adjust to life with three kids.”

It continues,

“Matt puts his dream house into overdrive because his plan is still to marry Caryn and move in and enjoy his retirement. Amy and Chris are loving their first year of married life but find themselves caught in the middle of a cold war between Matt and Zach’s family. Will Matt and Zach’s rift heal so that the Roloff clan can come together?”

The show is set to premiere on November 1, at 9 pm ET on TLC, and will air episodes weekly.

Meet the cast of Little People, Big World

The Roloff family is set to return to screens with Little People, Big World season 24. The series features the family and revolves around their daily lives on a farm in Oregon as they navigate through parenthood and more. The show aims to highlight the struggles of people who live with dwarfism and educate viewers about the same. Season 24 will largely feature Matt and Amy, who were once married, their kids, and their respective partners.

Matt Roloff

Matt is a reality TV personality, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who is also the producer of Little People, Big World. He was born with dystrophic dysplasia, due to which his cartilage and bone development was impacted resulting in restricted mobility. He is currently dating Caryn Chandler, who worked on the farm for many years.

Amy Roloff

Amy is 60 years old and has four kids with her ex-husband Matt, who are predominantly featured on the show. She and Matt divorced in 2016. She married her longtime boyfriend Chris Marek in 2021.

Her dwarfism is a result of a genetic condition called achondroplasia.

Zach Roloff

The 32-year-old Zach, like his mother, also suffers from achondroplasia and has two children with his wife, Tori Roloff. His three children also have the same genetic condition.

Tori Roloff

31-year-old Tori is an elementary school teacher. The two tied the knot in 2015. The trailer for Little People, Big World season 24 shows her undergoing major surgery during the birth of her third child with Zach.

Chris Marek

The 60-year-old real estate entrepreneur from Portland has been in the business for over two decades. He married Amy in 2021 after dating for a couple of years and considered himself a player before meeting the reality TV star. He spoke about Amy on the show and said that she makes him feel younger.

Caryn Chandler

The Roloff Farms manager and Matt’s girlfriend has been on the show on and off for years. She started dating Matt months after the couple got divorced. The upcoming season will showcase the conflict that will revolve around Caryn’s relationship with the rest of the Roloff family.

Season 24 of Little People, Big World premieres on November 1, at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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