Little People, Big World Season 23 Episode 5: Fans slam Zach and Tori Roloff for behaving rudely to Amy and Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World fans slam Zach and Tori Roloff (Image vis zroloff07/ Instagram)
Little People, Big World fans slam Zach and Tori Roloff (Image vis zroloff07/ Instagram)

Tonight on Little People, Big World, Zach and Tori Roloff refused to celebrate the Christmas holidays with Amy and other family members. They said that they wanted to celebrate their family traditions. Amy was hurt by their decision and felt betrayed as they did not include her in their Christmas plans.

The Little People, Big World couple also behaved rudely towards Matt and his girlfriend Caryn during their daughter's second birthday. There was a lot of tension between them. Matt said in a confessional that he wanted to be there for his granddaughter, but Zach was not impressed by his efforts.

He said that he did what any grandparent would do. Little People Big World slammed Zach and Tori for pushing the kids away from family members after their dispute with Matt and felt they were rude to Matt and Amy.

For Tori & Zach to cancel family traditions even with Amy & Zach's siblings & their families tells you this is NOT a MATT problem this a TORI PROBLEM! #LPBW

Little People, Big World fans react as Zach and Tori distance their kids from Matt and Amy

At Lilah's birthday party tonight, Zach and Tori greeted Matt and Caryn very awkwardly. While Matt wanted to spend time with his grandchildren, Zach kept blaming his father for the tensions in their relationship.

Matt attended the party amidst the family farm drama, but Zach felt that Matt did what every grandparent would have done by attending Lilah’s birthday and said,

"They did like it’s the bare minimum."

They also informed Amy that they would not be spending the Christmas holidays with the family after she took care of Lilah for days after Jackson's leg surgery. She was hurt by the whole ordeal and said,

"And you don’t even include grandma."

Little People, Big World fans slammed the couple for not letting their family be a part of their Christmas traditions and treating Matt and Caryn rudely at their daughter's birthday party.

Zach & Tori are brats the way they treat Matt and Karen! #LPBW
It’s Nice to see Tori’s true colors! She’s a complete B***h! But pretended to be someone completely different for all these years! I guess she’s comfortable Now! 🙄 #LPBW #Tori #LittlePeopleBigWorld
Enough pissing and moaning Zach he’s ur dad that has spent BLOOD SWEAT TEARS for you!!! #Lpbw
Such an awkward greeting that just went down between Zach and Caryn! #LPBW
#LPBW We are booked solid for December?......need a better excuse Tori
Tori is nasty as hell. #LPBW
#lpbw Zach conveniently forgets how much babysitting Matt has done for them
I am just so over Zach's and Tori's bitter attitude. Get over it! #lpbw
I think a mother should always be included in Christmas especially when there’s a grandchild involved. That’s a little disrespectful and really inconsiderate #LPBW
Alright TORI. Don’t mess with Amy #LPBW

What happened on Little People, Big World tonight?

After discussing last week whether or not to call Matt and Caryn to Lilah’s birthday party, tonight on Little People, Big World, the whole family came together to celebrate Lilah’s second birthday. The theme of the part was "Two, two party," and Tori was worried about everyone visiting their house for the first time. Zach said,

" to This is Lilah’s birthday party but it feels like a housewarming party."

Caryn also attended the party, as her plans to go to Arizona were canceled. Tori brought a cake for Lilah, and everyone wished Lilah a happy birthday. Speaking about her daughter, Tori said,

"She is coming into her own personality from last year."

When Lilah did not open her presents, Jackson commented on her sister being "slow." Amy and Caryn accidentally bought the same gift for Lilah. Matt and Caryn gifted Amy and Chris tickets to Arizona so that they could visit them there.

Zach and Tori were worried about their 5-year-old son having leg surgery. While they chose the “less painful method” of removing a bone in the leg and putting a plate in his growth bone to slow down the growth, Tori was still worried. She said,

"His legs will still be bowed, but over time as he grows, they will be straightened out."

Zach revealed that Jackson was unaware of what would happen to him in the surgery room and said,

"We are trying to stay positive for Jackson so we are not putting scary ideas in his head."

The parents could send Jackson to the surgery room while keeping it together, but they discussed how nerve-wracking the whole experience was. Jackson gained consciousness 10 minutes after the surgery. Tori revealed that Jackson threw up in the hospital after the operation.

One day after the surgery, Zach and Tori asked Jackson to walk with a walker, but he could not walk. He said that he wanted to sit on the couch. Later that day, he walked without the help of his walker after being bribed with toys.

Chris and Amy watched Lilah for several days after Jackson’s surgery. Amy was impressed by how calm Lilah was during those days and said,

"We had a really good time."

The synopsis of Little People, Big World Season 23, Episode 5 reads,

"Lilah's birthday brings friends and family together, but everyone struggles with the new normal for Christmas now that Zach and Tori live in Battle Ground, Wash.; Jackson undergoes leg surgery, and his recovery takes longer than expected.”

Little People, Big World, shows the lives of the Roloff family as they deal with daily struggles and tiffs in the family. Some of the family members have dwarfism.

Little People, Big World, airs a new episode every Tuesday on TLC at 9 pm ET.

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