Love, Victor Season 3 Episode 5: Victor's catfish date gone wrong 

Still from Hulu's Love, Victor Season 3 - Victor at his date (Image via Hulu)
Still from Hulu's Love, Victor Season 3 - Victor at his date (Image via Hulu)
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Catfishing never brings any good, and episode five of Love, Victor is here to tell viewers that. Directed by Randall Winston and written by Debby Wolfe, Lucas and Diego revolved around Victor's attempt to move on, only to end up with Benji after the two catfished each other. On the other hand, Pilar had tensions at home and with Felix that frustrated her.

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Love, Victor Season 3 Episode 5 review: Catfishing in the dating arena


At the end of the previous episode of Love, Victor Season 3, Victor had joined a dating app, and in this episode, he took his first steps into this strange dating arena. The cast of Creekwood High embarked on their separate path while Benji's past was explored in depth through flashbacks. The episode had some dry-witted humor topped with tough emotional scenes.

Strangely but relatably enough, Benji's painful flashbacks were spurred by good news from his father. His drunken car accident charge had been expunged from his permanent record, but it brought back some awful memories of a disappointed father and his spiraling drinking problem.

The first flashback introduced Benji with a rite-of-passage brace after his father suspected his son might be gay. Benji managed to escape abuse with elaborate lies, but these interactions were the reason he turned to drinking.

Catfish date

Victor reached out to his old flame, Rahim. However, Rahim told Victor to stop obsessing over Benji and move on. He looked through his dating profile, which is usually considered a serial killer vibe and not of a single gay guy. Rahim tried to spice up Victor's profile with an alter-ego, Diego, along with a borrowed profile picture.

Victor started to flirt with a man named Lucas, and the two decided to meet, which eventually led to a hilarious sequence of events as Lucas was none other than Benji himself. The two realized they had catfished each other as they waited outside the same bar. Since they were there, Benji decided to forgo the rehab rules and entered the bar, which reminded viewers of the good old days of Benji and Victor.

Walkie-talkie life

While Victor tried to renew his old relationship with Benji, Pilar moved ahead with a new one. Her parents interrogated her about the birth control pills they found in the previous episode of Love, Victor Season 3. Pilar defended herself with honesty but was grounded for the same with all her electronic devices taken away. The only thing left for her to use to communicate with Felix was through walkie-talkies.

Felix suggested she let things cool for a while, but Pilar had other ideas. She sneaked out to Felix's unannounced and started to strip off, making Felix uncomfortable, and causing her to storm off.

Heart-to-heart time

Meanwhile, Victor's date with Benji descended into familiar territory even though it had a good start. The couple discussed Benji's recent trip to rehab, his anxieties, and the need for simplicity in his life. More flashbacks revealed how Benji's parents reacted to him coming out to them and the subsequent alcoholism. In the end, Benji's controlling father warned Victor to stay away from him, blaming him for his relapse, signaling that Victor's kiss with Rahim was the trigger.

This episode of Love, Victor brought a lot of drama along with dilemmas while setting things up for the finale.

Catch the latest season of Love, Victor, now streaming on Hulu and Disney+ with previous seasons also available on the platform.

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