Lovestruck High Season 1: What is Lindsay Lohan's dating series about, and what time will it air on Prime Video?

Lovestruck High Season 1 airs on May 18 on Prime Video (Image via lovestruckhigh and primevideouk/Instagram)
Lovestruck High Season 1 airs on May 18 on Prime Video (Image via lovestruckhigh and primevideouk/Instagram)

Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan is back. The actress is set to narrate the dating show Lovestruck High Season 1 for Prime Video. The show will launch on May 18, 2022, and might air at 12.00 AM (ET)/5 AM (GMT).

The dating show “like no other” will feature 15 UK singles being sent to American High School for a second time to find a date for the Prom and be crowned Prom Royalty to walk away with a $100,000 cash prize.

All about Lovestruck High Season 1

The reality show, Lovestruck High Season 1, is all set to air on Wednesday with various cast members. Actress Lindsay Lohan will narrate the show.

The new show is a concoction of “everything from the jocks to the nerds, bringing everyone together for a term full of love, lust, and drama,” along with some unexpected twists and turns.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

"The reality show transports a group of UK singles looking for ‘the one’ into their very own American high school. They all want to find a date among their new classmates, and to help bring them closer together, they’ll be taking on a series of challenges and lessons in the classroom, on the sports field and after school. At the end of the semester, which couple will be crowned Prom Royalty and win the $100,000 prize?"

The U.K.-based series will send 15 singles back to high school to date their classmates in with the hope of finding true love. But other than dating, the partners will also have to be crowned as Prom Royalty to win the cash prize.

These people will attend classes, hang out in the cafeteria, audition for the school talent show, and attend school and house parties. The cast will be under the supervision of Principal Nelson (played by Ria Lina), Miss Kelly (Chloe Zeitounian), and Coach Hughes (Russell Hicks).

All about the cast of Lovestruck High Season 1

The singles who will try to find true love amid all the drama on Lovestruck High are:

  1. Dan - 23-years-old factory worker from Bridgend
  2. Geoff - 24 -years-old an events trader from Sandy
  3. Huss - 28-years-old postman from London
  4. Jess – 24 -years-old fashion creative from London
  5. Jodie - 28-years-old salon owner from Bolton
  6. Adam - 30-years-old car salesman from Norwich
  7. Alex - 27-years-old accountant from Coventry
  8. Basit - 27 - -years-old model and musician from London
  9. Chante – 24-years-old GP secretary from London
  10. Charlie – 29-years-old property manager from Surrey
  11. Sin - 24-years-old security officer from Northolt
  12. Theo - 21-year-old model agent from Bristol
  13. Yasmine - 25-year-old model from London
  14. Junaid - 26-years-old social media influencer from Essex
  15. KT - 21-years-old content creator from Milton Keynes
  16. Max - 23-years-old personal trailer from Brentwood
  17. Megan -24-years-old professional dancer from Cambridge

Stream on Prime Video on Wednesday and catch the show's first three episodes. The streaming platform will release the next three episodes the following week and the final two episodes the week after that. Tune in to witness all the drama on Lovestruck High on May 18.

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