What will Megan Monteleone do with $1 million? Bullsh*t The Game Show's biggest winner reveals plans

Megan Monteleone becomes the biggest winner on the Netflix show (Image via Netflix)
Megan Monteleone becomes the biggest winner on the Netflix show (Image via Netflix)

Netflix's Bullsh*t The Game Show found its biggest winner in geologist Megan Monteleone. The show was the latest addition to the streaming platform and premiered on April 27, 2022. Hosted by America's Got Talent judge Howie Mandel, the trivia show is indeed a question-answer game, but with its own little twist.

Contestants on the game show will work their way up a money ladder either by answering the questions given to them correctly or by bluffing. However, the three challengers standing right opposite will have to guess if the player has chosen the right answer or not.

If the player is bluffing and even one of the experts believes it, then the player wins the money. But if they catch the bluff, then the player has to go in with the locked amount. The players can lock any amount between the first question worth $1,000 or right in the middle with $100,000.

How did Megan Monteleone manage to become the biggest winner on Bullsh*t The Game Show?


Megan Monteleone won the biggest prize on the Netflix show, which was $1 million. She introduced herself as a Pennsylvanian woman on the show. The player holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental geoscience from Slippery Rock University and a master’s from The University of Texas in Austin.

As highlighted in her answers on Bullsh*t The Game Show, Megan is fluent in German as she completed minors in both the language and business administration during her undergrad. She also possesses a love for traveling and revealed that she would like to travel around the western parts of America with her kids as they have not explored that part of the country yet. She is currently a geologist in the energy industry.

Megan is also an avid trivia player and a trivia host. At the start of the game, the contestant revealed that she is very talented at trivia. She said:

"Some people might underestimate me, but they're wrong. I once had my children believing that the ice cream truck only plays music when it's out of ice cream. I think I'm a pretty good bullsh*tter."

The player was able to effortlessly walk up the cash prize ladder. She did get some of the questions right, which meant that even if the opponents believed she was bluffing, she would get the point. However, Megan bluffed her way through almost the majority of the questions, and one of the three challengers would believe her.

The opponents were Billy, Ashley, and Ishpal. Ashley was able to figure out most of the player's bluffs, whereas Billy did the exact opposite. Megan was able to blend her personal experiences into the answers to make them seem believable.

The player locked her amount at the final lock stage, which was $100,000. This meant that she would go home winning no less than that amount. However, the urge to not give up took her all the way to winning $1 million by bluffing.

Although she didn't have the correct answer to the final question, she made Ishpal believe that she was right and ended up becoming the biggest winner in the history of the show.

Megan wins $1 million on Bullsh*t The Game Show (Image via Netflix)
Megan wins $1 million on Bullsh*t The Game Show (Image via Netflix)

When asked by Howie Mandel how she felt about winning the grand cash prize, Megan said:

"This is crazy. I love trivia, and I love game shows, and like, this is like the Super Bowl of trivia for me. And I never thought I'd be in a... this position. And I had waffled on whether or not to go for it. And I woke up this morning and said, 'If you get the chance, you gotta go for it.'"

In a confessional, she revealed what she was planning to do with the prize money:

"I'm emotional 'cause I love trivia, and I'm nerdy, and I love game shows. And I never thought that I'd get to put all those things that I love together and win a million dollars. I have two kids. So, college funds are ready to go. Um, it's just such a stress relief. Like, this is life-changing money. And I just wanted to go for it."

Convincing someone that you know the answer is far more difficult than actually knowing the answer, and that's what makes the game entertaining. Viewers can also test their skills when they guess whether the contestant is lying or not.

Mind games and body language are essential factors in determining the fates of these contestants. The course of the show is completely dependent upon the player's ability and how they come across to the other three opponents.

Readers can catch Bullsh*t The Game Show streaming on Netflix.

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