Mama June: Road to Redemption fans have mixed reactions after Mama June and Geno breakup 

Mama June (Image via Instagram/@mamajune)
Mama June (Image via Instagram/@mamajune)
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Mama June: Road to Redemption returned for another dramatic episode on Friday night. Three weeks after she left Geno and hid in a hotel, Mama June finally ended their relationship. Some fans are glad Mama June got out of the relationship. A few others claimed that Geno was the one who was delighted June walked away.

Great that #MamaJune finally ended things with Geno following his court date!! It's toxic for her to be around alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, etc.!!

Picking up right where the season premiere ended, Mama June opened up about her six-year relationship with Geno. She revealed that she was abused by him but didn't dare to leave him. The Mama June: Road to Redemption star then called up her daughter Pumpkin and told her that she would finally end things with Geno.

Despite the call, June's daughter didn't believe her. On the day of Geno's court hearing, June went to court to break up with Geno. Doe-Doe also showed up in court after June's call. June thought Geno would get sentenced to prison, so that would be the best time for her to break up with him. Sadly, all he got was community service.

June kept up with her words, confronted Geno, and broke up with him. Right outside the courthouse, June told Geno that they were too toxic for each other and it was best they go their separate ways.

Fans of Mama June: Road to Redemption were left divided after the breakup. Some claimed that it was good that Mama June left Geno. While a few others shared their opinions, claiming Geno was the happy one.

Internet divided after Mama June breaks up with Geno on Mama June: Road to Redemption.

Taking to Twitter, some fans were happy Mama June finally decided to walk away from Geno and their toxic relationship. A few others shared that Geno was the happy one after June walked away.

When June was telling geno she was leaving at the courthouse she never said he was abusive and he said he wasn't drinking anymore and she agreed. She thought he was going to beg her back, I think he's glad #mamajune #mamajune
Mama June dumped Geno and he's looking better than ever today. Who was the toxic person? #MamaJune
I really love geno i do he’s not as terrible as he’s made out to be #MamaJune
Geno is probably glad June is gone. She looks like a fucking headache to be around #mamajune
June already playing the field, Geno did not stand a chance once June tasted freedom #MamaJune
She finally walked away from Geno. Hopefully she'll stay away. #MamaJune
Great that #MamaJune finally ended things with Geno following his court date!! It's toxic for her to be around alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, etc.!!
I’m glad #mamajune realizing she deserve better than Geno.
Geno was definitely mama June’s downfall.. I’m glad she left him #MamaJune

June showed up at Pumpkin's house after her breakup with Geno

Soon after the conversation, June went to the car she bought for Geno and collected her belongings. She then gave the keys back to Geno, got in Doe-Doe's car, and went straight to Pumpkin's house to visit her newborn grandson.

June's visit came as a surprise to Pumpkin when Doe-Doe called and informed her about it. She just barged inside Pumpkins' house and revealed she would stay there for a few more days. Pumpkin's husband, Josh, was not too happy with the news and never showed up in front of June when she entered his house.

When Mama June: Road to Redemption returns next week, the family prepares themselves for a trip to California after Alana gets an ample opportunity.

Mama June: Road to Redemption airs every Friday at 9.00 pm ET only on WeTv. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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