McDonald's Monopoly 2022: When and how to play, menu items, prizes, and everything to know 

McDonald's Monopoly is available to play till October 19, 2022. (via and

The McDonald's Monopoly game is a sweepstakes advertising promotion that uses the theme of the popular board game Monopoly. There are several modern variations of the traditional Monopoly game, and McDonald's Monopoly is one that many fans have eagerly waited for.

This promotion can be a fun opportunity to win a "free" snack or, if you're lucky, something bigger if you plan to eat at the golden arches or order a McDelivery.

McDonald's Monopoly is essentially a prize draw where you collect stickers off the packaging of particular menu items. There are two major ways to win: either by claiming free food or drink at the counter after peeling an "instant win" sticker or by assembling property sets, just as you would in a typical Monopoly game.

You can scan your property stickers into the McDonald's app, which is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play, and they will be saved in a digital wallet. You'll also get a bonus digital peel for each property you scan into the app.

McDonald's Monopoly 2022: How does it work, what can you win, and more

McDonald's Monopoly promotion resumed on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, and according to official channels, it will continue till Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

Stickers that are either a property or an "instant win" food item are attached to a few McDonald's food and beverage items.

Cold drinks, fries, McFlurry, Big Tasty (with Bacon), McPlant, Big Flavor Wraps, Spicy Veggie Wrap, six, nine, or twenty Spicy Chicken Nuggets, three or five Chicken Selects, Chicken Legend, Cheese Sharebox, Mozzarella Dippers, and McDonald's Premium Salad are among the items that come with the stickers.

What will you find on the sticker?

You will find a sticker that says "quick prize win" that grants you free food prizes, such as free fries or burgers. You can win a free meal or beverage if you peel an instant win sticker. Apple pies, cheeseburgers, fries, sundaes, ice cream, hot beverages, and more are among them.

To make your claim for McDonald's Monopoly, bring your sticker to the counter on or before the sticker's expiration date. This is your best opportunity to win because millions of instant food prizes are available right now.

A McDonald's Monopoly property sticker can help you win huge prizes like gaming systems, vacations, and more. This resembles the old Monopoly game because you gain properties according to their color sets.

You collect property stickers, and if you're fortunate enough to amass a complete set, you might be eligible to earn a sizable award. This year's McDonald's Monopoly awards include, among others, an electric car, a vacation, a Nintendo Switch, and £100,000 for various property sets.

Prizes and surprises

For an additional "digital peel," scan your stickers into the McDonald's app for more chances to win. A digital peel has four possible outcomes:

  • Another property.
  • An entrance into a prize drawing (for significant prizes like a vacation, car, or gaming system).
  • A cash prize.
  • An instant win (food, merchandise, and smaller prizes such as vouchers, cinema tickets, and subscriptions).

In the Monopoly game, prizes also include 1,000 "McDonald's Gold Cards." If you win one, you can use the My McDonald's app to redeem a free meal every week for a year at any McDonald's restaurant. These are highly uncommon and won't be simple to find.

How to improve your odds of winning?

Even though winning in McDonald's Monopoly is mainly dependent on luck, there are several things you can do to improve your chances.


You can increase your winning chances by using the McDonald's app. The software will include a digital game board and prize wallet this year. When you scan your physical property stickers into the McDonald's app, you receive a free "digital peel" bonus that increases your chances of winning.

To receive a bonus peel, join the McDonald's Monopoly Rewards program. You will receive a code for a free bonus peel if you register for the new McDonald's Rewards program or if you are already a member. The code will be delivered to the email address you provided when creating your account.

Hold onto rare stickers. Each group has a rare or uncommon sticker in each group of attributes. The remaining stickers in the set will be much easier to spot, giving you a solid chance to win the coveted McDonald's Monopoly prizes for that set if you're fortunate and manage to find one of them.

Try to find unchecked stickers, such as those found on discarded tables. Not everyone who eats or drinks at McDonald's will be participating in its Monopoly promotion and won't peel their stickers.

We also know that not everyone discards their packaging in the designated bins, so keep an eye out for empty cups and other packaging that still has stickers. By doing so, you might be able to find some instant wins for free food, a game code, or a piece of information you need to finish your set on McDonald's Monopoly.

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