Meet all the 22 contestants of HYBE's new survival show, R U Next?

R U Next? (Image via Instagram/@runext_official)
R U Next? (Image via Instagram/@runext_official)

HYBE recently announced all the contestants of their upcoming reality survival show, R U Next?. The show aims to debut a new girl group that will be a collaboration between BE-LIFT, the same label that produced ENHYPEN, and JBTC. Gathering trainees from many countries around the world, the twenty contestants already showcase promising qualities, and fans can hardly wait for the premiere of the series.

The show, which is slated for release on June 30, 2023, at 8:50 PM KST, will be hosted by K-pop idol and K-drama actor, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung. Additionally, the show garners more attention as Suzy, another idol actress, sings R U Next?'s theme song, With Full Speed, which was revealed as the background music of the show's Brand Film.

From Himena to Ruka, here are all the 22 contestants participating in HYBE's upcoming survival show, R U Next?

1) Himena

The first R U Next? contestant is Himena from Japan, who describes herself as someone with a hardworking and bright personality. After realizing her passion for dancing at the age of five, she now hopes to showcase more of her skills and her cute kid-like behavior during her time in the show.

2) Funa

The next contestant who was familiarized with the K-pop fandom through her appearance in JYP Entertainment's Nizi project is Funa. She describes her life as a canvas with multiple colors and hopes to showcase the improvement in her skills through the show.

3) Hyewon

Taking the route of self-discovery is the next R U Next? contestant Hyewon. She showcases herself as someone with a strong determination to debut within a year and also aims to communicate her love for music and dance.

4) Choi Hae-sul

Another determined trainee from the group of R U Next? contestant is Haesul, who gained her passion for singing and dancing in fifth grade. With her extroverted and cheerful personality, she aims to become an idol from a model.

5) Choi Ji-hyun

Adding to the list of optimistic personalities on the show is Jihyun, who expresses her unmatched love for chocolates. With a new journey coming her way, she says that's curious as to how it would turn out to be.

6) Son Ji-woo

The eldest contestant on R U Next? is Jiwoo, who portrays herself as a likable person. Already executing a fun and entertaining personality, she hopes to make it to the debut while continuing to be a cool "unni" (Korean term for elder sister).

7) Jeemin

As a shy and introverted person, Jeemin showcases her alter ego personality, who's confident and outgoing as she rolls out her life as a performer. While radiating a beam of positive energy, she hopes to succeed in the goal she's set for herself.

8) Choi Jeong-eun

Jeongeun, a child actress, has been rolling out her career since third grade is also a R U Next? contestant. While she has showcased this side of her through the 2019 film Extreme Job, she aims to display skills as a K-pop idol through the reality survival show.

9) Iroha

Another addition to the list of extroverted R U Next? contestants is Iroha. She confidently expresses that she is the best dancer among the trainees and has also communicated her unmatched love for dancing, which she would like to prove throughout the show.

10) Yunah

The contestant with the longest trainee period in the show, Yunah aims to perform at the MAMA Awards one day. With great confidence in her smile and security in her hardworking nature, she hopes to make it to the debut lineup.

11) Yuisa

Yet another confident dancer among the R U Next? contestants is Yuisa, who expresses that she turns into a completely different person while performing. While her trainee days improved her skills, she's eager to showcase the same on the survival show.

12) Wonhee

Expressing herself as someone who is initially introverted but grows to be more outgoing as she gets closer to people, Wonhee portrays herself as quite the ambivert. Despite her short training period, she is excited to show her skills on the show.

13) Yewon

With a strong passion for singing and dancing from quite a young age, Yewon displays herself as someone who has always aimed to get a job that required her to lay out her passion. Through R U Next?, the trainee hopes to materialize her dreams.

14) Lee Yeong-seo

With an adorable obsession with cherry and cherry-shaped things, Yeongseo displays much of her personality through her MBTI, ISFJ. While she didn't see herself as an idol, her training period opened up interest. Now, she hopes to take a step further with the survival show.

15) Ena

The youngest of the R U Next? contestants is Sakata Ena, who expresses her passion and love for music and singing. She who prioritized music over everything hopes to materialize her dream to become a singer through the show.

16) Iris

With extensive knowledge and specialty in Latin dance, she expresses it to be her greatest strength towards her pathway to becoming a K-pop idol. Her outgoing and adventurous personality is something she aims to further explore with her time on the show.

17) Seoyeon

Another R U Next? contestant who is confident with her smile is Seoyeon. She expressed herself as a silly and cheerful person. Though she feels her debut to be a faraway dream, she aims to get a step closer to it through the show.

18) Chanelle

Coming all the way from LA is Chanelle Moon, who portrays herself to be a fun and cheerful person. With no intention to regret her time in the show, she aims to go all out and showcase her best version of the survival show.

19) Park Min-ju

Another R U Next? contestant with a deep passion for singing, Minju expresses her love for performing for an audience and the happiness that the thought of debuting brings her. With much practice and passion, she aims to bring her lifelong dream alive.

20) Moka

Coming from Fukuoka, Japan, Moka adds to the list of contestants who specializes in dance. She has been practicing both singing and dancing for quite a long time and aims to reach her final dream to debut as a K-pop idol.

21) Moa

With much confidence in her facial features and expressions, she still becomes aware of the competitive environment around her. Moa, who's nervous about whether she'll make it to the debut or not, hopes to give it her all during the show.

22) Ruka

With fans already getting a glimpse of her in LE SSERAFIM's debut team, she hopes to give the dream of becoming a K-pop idol another shot. As an introverted person, she aims to get closer to her dream, which was the very reason she came to Korea from Japan four years ago.

With an interesting list of trainees waiting to showcase their skills to the K-pop fandom, fans can hardly wait for the premiere of R U Next?

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