Michael B. Jordan accused of 'cultural appropriation' over launch of J'ouvert rum

Michael B. Jordan accused of cultural appropriation in a new business venture (image via Instagram/Michael B. Jordan)
Michael B. Jordan accused of cultural appropriation in a new business venture (image via Instagram/Michael B. Jordan)
Barsha Roy

Michael B. Jordan has landed in hot waters after being accused of 'cultural appropriation' over the launch of his entrepreneurship venture J'ouvert rum. The popular actor has named and trademarked his brand “J’ouvert,” allegedly a term from Trinidad and Tobago.

Based on several social media updates, the “Black Panther” actor launched the brand in the presence of friends and close acquaintances over the weekend. Michael B. Jordan was also photographed with the product and the logo.

The J'ouvert rum box set reportedly comes with a description that reads:

“Derived from the Antellian Creole French term meaning “daybreak,” J’OUVERT originated in the pre-dawn streets of Trinidad, as celebrations of emancipation combined with Carnival season to serve as the festival’s informal commencement. Crafted on those same islands, J’OUVERT Rum is a tribute to the party start.”

After pictures from the launch surfaced online, people quickly pointed out the 'cultural appropriation' caused by the brand name.

More outrage ensued when people noticed an incorrect map of Trinidad and Tobago drawn in the brand's logo.

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Fans call out Michael B. Jordan for 'cultural appropriation with his new business venture

Michael B. Jordan is a rising contemporary actor. He is recognized worldwide for playing Erik Killmonger in the 2018 MCU film, “Black Panther.”

He has also delivered other notable roles in films like “Creed,” “Red Tails,” “Just Mercy,” and “Fruitvale Station” among others.

Unfortunately, fans were left deeply disappointed after the recent launch of Jordan's rum brand. Most people from Trinidad and Tobago and several others with Caribbean roots have taken offense.

Fans and critics called out Michael B. Jordan on Twitter for adopting a term that is largely a part of Trinbagonian culture.

Amid the ongoing controversy, a Twitter user has claimed that the root of the brand “is official.” According to the user, Scotty Robert Williams, co-founder of J'ouvert rum, was born in Trinidad.

However, the justification did not sit well with fans either:

Some people even started a petition to stop Michael B. Jordan from putting a trademark on his brand with the Trinbagonian term.

Petition against Michael B. Jordan's trademark on his brand
Petition against Michael B. Jordan's trademark on his brand

As Jordan’s alleged cultural appropriation continues to keep Twitter abuzz, it is to be seen if the actor addressed the issue himself. Meanwhile, J'ouvert rum's official Instagram account has gone private following the online outrage.

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