Mouse Episode 18: When and where to watch, and what to expect for Lee Seung Gi drama's new installment

Lee Seung Gi's K-drama Mouse is nearing its end (Image via tvN/Rakuten Viki)
Lee Seung Gi's K-drama Mouse is nearing its end (Image via tvN/Rakuten Viki)

The previous two episodes of "Mouse" on tvN not only gave viewers a few answers concerning Jung Ba Reum's (Lee Seung GI) identity but also deepened the mystery and brought out the presence of the mysterious Oz Organization that seems to be tied up in all the murders.

Mouse has been reinventing the mystery-thriller genre, and Lee has done a marvelous job so far of portraying an ambiguous hero whose own past is shrouded in mystery. As Ba Reum looks for more answers, his past seems to get more convoluted and tied up with those murdered.

This week, the Korean drama returns with Episodes 18 and 19 as viewers reach the end of the series. Fans can read on to learn more about what to expect from the series' upcoming episodes.

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When and where to watch Mouse Episode 18?

Mouse Episode 18 will air on tvN on May 12th at 10:30 PM Korean Standard Time. The episode will be available to stream internationally on Rakuten Viki shortly after.

Episode 17 will air on tvN on May 13th, following the same schedule.

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What happened previously in Mouse?

In Mouse Episode 16, viewers saw Na Chi Guk (Lee Soo Jun), a prison guard and Ba Reum's childhood friend, seemingly dies of a heart attack while in hospital for treatment for his injuries. Ba Reum seems shocked to learn of the passing and immediately sets chase, only for the man he confronted to be hit by another mysterious man and fall off a building and disappear entirely.

Meanwhile, Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) asks Ba Reum if he knows what is going on. Moo Chi then continues to investigate Sung Yo Han's (Kwon Hwa Woon) death and the Guryeong murder. He ends up analyzing footage of the crime scenes and realizes that Ba Reum was at the scene of every murder that took place.

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Ba Reum continues to look into Yo Han as well as into his past, which is revealed to his viewers. His mother never had a sister, and the uncle and aunt who adopted him, when his real name was Jung Jae Hoon, had tried to erase traces of his past.

In the following Mouse episode, more backstory is revealed. Jae Hoon's mother tried to kill him, but Song Soo Ho (Song Boo Geon) had rescued and kidnapped him. In earlier flashbacks, viewers had learned that Ba Reum killed Soo Ho for murdering his mother.

Ba Reum also learns in flashbacks that he knew Yo Han as a child and was possibly friends with him. During his investigations, he learns that his and Yo Han's pasts were connected and that Yo Han's dying words to him — that they were lab mice — all mean that they were linked to the mysterious Oz Organization, which his aunt and uncle were a part of.

He also learns that the organization had him and Yo Han tailed from when they were children.

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What to expect from Mouse Episode 18?


The following two episodes of Mouse will inevitably look into the Oz Organization — how Ba Reum is related to it and what its origins are. He will also mostly be looking into why Yo Han said they were lab mice, signifying that they were part of some experiment.

Meanwhile, Moo Chi will continue investigating Ba Reum and try to understand his connection with all the murders.

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