"Munty of the year": RHOA fans appreciate Marlo Hampton for taking care of her nephews

Marlo Hampton (Image via marlohampton/Instagram)
Marlo Hampton (Image via marlohampton/Instagram)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) is back with a bang. RHOA Season 14 premiered today, May 1, on Bravo. In tonight's episode, fans witnessed Marlo Hampton go into Munty Zone, an aunt that takes care of kids as a mother.

RHOA cast member Marlo confessed that since her sister was incarcerated, she had been taking care of her nephews, Michael and Williams. Although she had planned to let them stay in her home for a few weeks, she eventually decided to let it go, and it had been three years since they had been living with her.

Fans appreciated Marlo taking care of the kids without expecting anything in return.

RHOA follows some housewives living in Atlanta as they go around town managing their businesses, social relationships, and businesses.

RHOA fans react to Marlo Hampton taking care of her nephews

Tonight on the show, fans were impressed with Marlo Hampton's attempt to take care of her sister's children while she was imprisoned. She was seen getting up early on tonight's episode and making breakfast for the kids. She went into the full aunty zone, woke the kids up, and told them to get bathed and dressed.

She also made sure that they went to school. She also brought her nephews to tonight's event.

Fans love this new side of Marlo, an empathetic aunty.

Seeing Marlo be a munty to her nephews is so beautiful🥺♥️#RHOA
Team Munty!!! I Love to see it! @iheartMarlo #RHOA
Finally we get to see Munty Marlo! #RHOA
So here for Marlo’s “Munty” journey #RHOA
marlo's munty scene was really sweet! loving this new #RHOA so far!
I’m gonna need a an auntie Munty omelette (with some Sriracha) right about now #RHOA
Being a Munty has really helped Marlo I feel become a nicer person #RHOA But I know that old Marlo will come on eventually lol
Love seeing Marlo in this role as a munty #rhoa

What happened on RHOA tonight?

On RHOA tonight, fans witnessed Kenya practicing for Dancing With The Stars with her dance partner Brandon Armstrong. She appeared on the show in September 2021. Kenya confessed that her ex-husband did not sign the divorce papers, and she was getting frustrated.

Marlo Hampton got a new hair transplant because she felt her hair didn't look good before. Marlo also planned a gala for her business Le'Archive. She sent everyone invites via a computer carrier. The event took place in a classy ball.

The girls did have a few apprehensions about the business model and doubted how anyone could fit in her dresses since she is short. They were also disappointed with the lack of food in the event, but the event was a success.

Sheree Whitfield revealed that she was finally dating Tyrone Williams, who was imprisoned for eight years but had not gotten intimate.

Kandi Burruss complained that she and Todd Tucker had not spent too much time together in the bedroom.

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman worked out together in a gym with Sanya Richards-Ross and her husband, Aaron Ross. Ralph revealed that he was writing a book for which he had kept an assistant.

Drew found out that his assistant was offering him a massage via text message, and she felt that it was offensive. Drew made Ralph fire the assistant. Drew lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks by getting a mother makeover. She planned her new readymade food line, 'Drop it with Drew,' with other girls.

Sanya's mother was revealed to be staying with her and her husband. Ralph told his wife that he wanted a daughter, but she had reservations because she took care of him alone when their first child was born, and everyone else checked out. The two share a son named Daucy together.

Fans can watch the next episode of RHOA on May 8 at 8:00 PM ET on Bravo.

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