My Name: Who shot Jeon Pil-do dead in Netflix K-drama?

A promo still for My Name featuring Ahn Bo-hyun and Han So-hee (Image via Netflix)
A promo still for My Name featuring Ahn Bo-hyun and Han So-hee (Image via Netflix)

Jeon Pil-do, portrayed by actor Ahn Bo-hyun in My Name, is one of the main characters that drove the show’s storyline forward. Jiwoo joined the undercover police force as Hyejin and initially worked at the Violent Crimes department. She crossed paths with Pil-do when the two chased the same criminal. She arrested him on charges of sexual assault while Pil-do was in touch with him during a sting operation.

Pil-do worked on the narcotics team in My Name and his goal was to arrest the kingpins in the country for circulating drugs. He had a personal reason for joining the narcotics team. His sister had fallen prey to a spiked drink at the club, and his goal was to erase drug rings in the country and save others from the same fate that she had suffered.

Why was Jeon Pil-do killed in My Name?

Pil-do was initially skeptical about how useful Jiwoo would be on the team. He wanted to understand her capabilities and tested her skills on the field. She surprised him with her conviction and her skill. That is when he became open to working with her as a partner in My Name.

Their bond was further strengthened when the two of them chased after Do Gangjae, another drug peddler, by themselves. Jiwoo had wanted to track and kill him for Mujin. Gangjae had attacked members of Dongcheon and killed four of them. He did it because Mujin had favored Jiwoo in the past and punished Gangjae for misbehaving with her.

Gangjae wanted revenge against Jiwoo and Mujin so he set a trap and unfortunately Pil-do fell for it as well. He had followed Jiwoo to ensure that she was not a spy on their team. However, he became convinced that she was on his side when she faced death together with him in My Name. It was Mujin who had helped her survive Gangjae’s attack.

However, she did not let Pil-do die. She did her best to pull him out of a car that was in the process of being scrapped at a junkyard. The two were handcuffed inside the car, but Mujin stopped the scrap machine in time. The incident brought the two of them closer in My Name.

However, it was the truth that set the two of them free and they also fell in love. The trauma that they carried with them was something that helped the two understand each other, and it was this that brought them emotionally and physically closer as well. Pil-do’s support and encouragement helped Jiwoo turn away from senseless revenge.

She decided to help the police capture Mujin in My Name and do what her father had hoped to do when he was still alive. However, before she could do that, Mujin drove by on a bike and fatally shot Pil-do. It was right after the two of them confessed their feelings for each other. This confession was heartfelt and moving, which made Pil-do’s death more heartbreaking.

Jiwoo had finally found someone who could understand her and love her just the way she was, but she lost him too soon in My Name. Jiwoo let go of her wish for a lawful way to bring Mujin to justice, and instead went all out against him. She succeeded in bringing her father’s killer to justice in her own way.

Edited by Danyal Arabi