"Nadia made a big mistake": Indian Matchmaking fans slam Nadia for dumping Shekhar for another man

Nadia friendzones Shekhar for a 27-year-old man (Images via Netflix and nadiajagessar/Instagram)
Nadia friendzones Shekhar for a 27-year-old man (Images via Netflix and nadiajagessar/Instagram)

All episodes of Indian Matchmaking Season 2 were released on Netflix today, August 10. In it, fans saw some cast members from the previous season returning to the show to find partners. One such member was Nadia, who was previously set up with Shekhar by her matchmaker Sima Taparia.

Shekhar met her parents multiple times and Nadia was even ready to consider his wedding proposal. However, later on, when she met Vishal at her party, she instantly connected with him and got close with him on the dance floor, despite talking about being serious with Shekhar.

Nadia then complained to Sima about Shekhar being nervous and said that she intimidated him. She further revealed that she had no romantic feelings for him. Sima and her parents advised her not to pursue Vishal owing to their 7-year age gap. However, Nadia did not listen and dumped Shekhar for Vishal.

Later, Vishal dumped her after claiming that he felt no connection between them.

Indian Matchmaking fans were shocked by how quickly Nadia changed her mind and chose Vishal over Shekhar.

I can’t believe Nadia broke up with a sure thing to date the 26 year old who was all flash and no substance. Then got dumped most likely coz he found a new object of his affection. Nadia made a big mistake going for that guy over Sakar. #IndianMatchmaking

Indian Matchmaking fans call out Nadia for leaving Shekhar

Indian Matchmaking fans took to Twitter to slam Nadia for changing her mind so quickly about her relationship and said that Shekhar deserved much better. Some reactions from viewers read:

Shekar deserves better. Nadia is the typical woman who said she wanted to be in serious relationship but then change her mind when she meet someone else with better looking. Nadia is shallow af #Indianmatchmaking
Shekar from #IndianMatchmaking are you still single? then date me :) he’s such a nice guy and deserves better than Nadia 😑
Ok nooo wtf i had no idea nadia did shekar this dirty!!!! Nadia GURL you lost a gem of a guy. He’s such a sweetie 🥺😭 #indianmatchmaking
#Nadia gaslighting #shekar , so uncool. Nadia's mom was fair to speak on behalf of Shekar too that his time was getting wasted as well. #IndianMatchmaking #SimaAunty #SimaTaparia
Nadia is exhausting.. Shes immature af. #indianmatchmaking
Nadia left Shekhar and Vishal left Nadia. Boom! #Indianmatchmaking
I liked Nadia in S1 but after S2E2 I HATE her!!!! #IndianMatchmaking
Lol #Nadia didn't take a second to change her path 🤣 what about the world choosing #Shekhar and Nadia..never seen anyone change colours so quickly #IndianMatchmaking #SeemaTaparia #Netflix
definitely loved nadia but aw man shekar definitely did deserve a LOT better than that #IndianMatchmaking
i feel so bad for men in Indian Matchmaking especially Shekhar :/ #Indianmatchmaking

What did Nadia do after being dumped by Vishal?

Nadia was heartbroken and blindsided by Vishal when he visited California just to tell her that he was not feeling any sparks between them. After crying a lot and claiming that she was not given a fair chance, she went to a rage room with her friend to get rid of her tension.

She then video called Sima to discuss the situation. Sima asked her if she was serious about finding a partner and told her to listen to her advice from that point on. Nadia later revealed that she was going to therapy and working on herself.

She did not find any suitable partner this season.

What happened to other returning clients on Indian Matchmaking Season 2?

Apart from Nadia, fans also saw Aparna appearing on the show to find a partner, since she and Jay were just friends now. She met Daman, her friend's cousin, for a bowling date.

While she yawned during their date, she later on spoke about being interested in him and told her friends that Daman was very sweet but she was concerned about being in a long distance relationship. This was because Daman lived in LA while Aparna lived in New York.

Pradhyuman married his girlfriend Ashima after dating her for several months. The wedding took place at a huge Udaipur palace and the two were later seen adjusting to their newly married life.

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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