How did things end for Indian Matchmaking Season 1 couples? 

None of the cast members found love on Indian Matchmaking Season 1 (Image via Instagram/aparnashewakramani/pradhyum.m/nadiajagessar)
None of the cast members found love on Indian Matchmaking Season 1 (Image via Instagram/aparnashewakramani/pradhyum.m/nadiajagessar)

Netflix is coming back with the second season of the hit series, Indian Matchmaking, on August 10, 2022. The first season of the show was widely watched by viewers and gave an insight into the process of arranged marriages in India. However, following its release, the series drew widespread criticism for reinforcing some of the most prevalent stereotypes that exist in the country with respect to the process.

Hosted by Sima Taparia, who declares herself as "Mumbai's Top Matchmaker," the series, over the course of eight episodes, featured a diverse cast of contestants who were looking to get married.


Taparia coordinated with them, arranged dates, consulted astrologers and face-readers for religious inputs. The aim by the end of the series was for the contestants to find their "match" and talk about the longevity of their relationship. With the second season just around the corner, let's see who was able to find love on Season 1 of the hit dating series.

What happened to the cast members of Indian Matchmaking by the end of Season 1?

By the time of the show's finale, a lot of the questions remained unanswered. Was Sima Taparia the perfect matchmaker? Will the couples eventually find love? As per interviews conducted with the LA Times and, none of the couples were successful in finding love. All of the cast members are, in fact, still looking for love, except Rupam, who met her partner via dating apps.

Check the list below to find out how it ended for each of the Indian Matchmaking cast members.

1) Nadia Jagessar

Nadia, a New Jersey event planner, previously had trouble dating because her family is from Guyana. On the show, Nadia was set up by Taparia with two matches - Vinay Chadha and Shekar Jayaraman. Although she built a great relationship with Shekhar, the duo were no longer talking by the end of the season.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, Nadia opened up about the same and said:

“Being off camera definitely changed the dynamic between myself and the matches that I had continued talking to, and obviously, the change was not positive. But it helped me learn more about myself and what I’m looking for in a future partner."

As far as the relationship between Nadia and Vinay was concerned, it was complicated to say the least. While on the show it looked like the former was "stood up" by her date twice, Vinay confirmed his side of the story through an Instagram post, stating that she wasn't concerned about his health and ghosted him soon after that.

2) Pradhyuman Maloo

Pradhyuman is a Mumbai-based jewelry designer and was introduced on Indian Matchmaking as someone who had turned down 150 proposals and was yet to meet the love of his life who would be able to match his expectations.

The star was set-up with Delhi-based model-actress Rushali Rai and although their date looked romantic, the duo didn't have a fairy-tale ending. Pradhyuman told the LA Times:

“We had different paths in life and we respected that and moved ahead. I’m still looking for the right one."

3) Aparna Shewakramani

The Houston-based lawyer became an iconic TV personality after viewers felt she was the most memorable during her time on the show. She was set up with a series of matches on Indian Matchmaking, including Dilip, Jay, and Shekar. By the end of the season, she was still single.

In an interview with, she said:

"We're actually good friends. That's a positive experience that came out of the show. To walk away with three people you can relate to, and who are good and kind and grounded, is a success in my book."

One of her matches, Jay Wadhwani, revealed to the publication that there might still be a chance to rekindle their relationship. Despite the fact that the couple had drifted apart by the end of the season, he revealed that there was still hope.

"It's like, who knows? There's still hope. There wasn't a clear reason why we stopped talking. It was more just that we lived in different cities. I'm not saying that this is going to happen—but from my perspective, it's not off the table."

4) Vyasar Ganesan

Sorry about my mouse being in screen, but this is the best of all possible intros #indianmatchmaking

Vyasar is a school teacher from Austin, Texas, and was a pop-culture geek which made him one of the most heartwarming contestants in Indian Matchmaking. However, his relationship with veterinarian Rashi ended on a cliffhanger.

He later revealed to the LA Times that he was single. He opened up about growing up in a South Asian culture, especially his complicated family, and getting stigmatized by the past or actions of their parents. However, he still loved the experience of being on Indian Matchmaking.

"Matchmaking really is tough. Both people I was matched with were truly wonderful, inspiring individuals who I’m proud to call friends. Ultimately, things didn’t work out, but I’m grateful for the memories I have from working with Sima.”

5) Akshay Jakhete

Akshay, then a 25-year old Bombay-based graduate, had his mother tense about his single relationship status. His mother admitted that all of her health problems stemmed from her son, who had yet to find a partner and settle down.

Of all the Indian Matchmaking cast members, Akshay had reached the farthest and was set to marry Radhika. However, the former called off the marriage off-camera. The series ended with the duo's engagement ceremony, but they later called it quits. Akshay opened up about the same to the LA Times and said:

“A few days later, there were some things which we found out that did not go down well with us, and eventually I called it off."

Although he denied explicitly mentioning the reasons, Jakhete continued:

“Trust is something [that] once broken cannot be regained in a matter of days — it takes a really long time. I’d rather wait and be with the correct person than be stuck with the wrong person. So I am single right now and still looking for the right one.”

6) Ankita Bansal

Ankita unfortunately also couldn't find anyone during her Indian Matchmaking season. She juggled between the two matchmakers, Sima and Gita, but ultimately decided to focus on herself and her denim empire.

She opened up to the LA Times about her experience on Indian Matchmaking and said that although she had a few pre-conceived notions about arranged marriages, the show gave her an entirely different perspective. She said:

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to a connection. If it’s there, you can’t deny it and it won’t matter how you two were introduced.”


The brand new season of Indian Matchmaking will be seen following the previous season's format and will have the host, Sima Taparia, going to different lengths in order to find the ideal partner for her clients. Nadia, Aparna and Pradhyuman will be returning to the show alongside new clients Akshay, Viral, Arshneel, Shital and Vinesh.

Although none of the Indian Matchmaking cast members found love last season, it will be interesting to see what happens in the new installment.

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