Who is Shital Patel from Indian Matchmaking Season 2? NYC native starred in Bravo’s In a Man’s World

Shital Patel on Indian Matchmaking season 2 (Image via Instagram/ therealshitalpatel)
Shital Patel on Indian Matchmaking season 2 (Image via Instagram/ therealshitalpatel)

Netflix’s hit match-making series, Indian Matchmaking Season 2 is all set to return on August 10, 2022. With a mix of singles from the previous and latest seasons, the show is set to feature expert matchmaker Sima Taparia, who will be working her magic in finding the right match for her clients.

One of the newcomers in the upcoming season is Shital Patel, who is nearing her 40s. The New Yorker uses the label ‘small girl, big dreams’ on her social media to offer an idea about who she is. Interestingly, Patel had to undergo a makeup transformation to become a man in the Bravo network series, In a Man’s World, that was released in October 2019.

The official synopsis of the brand new season of the show offers some curious revelations:

Full of awkward first dates in unlikely locations (including a furniture store) and intimate fairy-tale wedding proposals, this season takes viewers from North Carolina to Nashik as the relationship hopefuls meet potential partners carefully chosen for them by Sima Aunty herself.

What we know about Shital Patel from Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Shital Patel, who grew up in Edison, NJ, always believed that her Asian roots have helped her in strengthening her core values and informed her character. Patel attributes her go-getter attitude to her culture and roots.

Hailing from an Indian household, Shital was under pressure to build a career in medical or engineering fields. In fact, uptil her graduation, Patel was in the pre-dental stage. However, it was only after she received her degree in biology that Patel recognized her desire to work in the corporate world.

Her uncle, whom she considers her mentor, belonged to the energy industry. He gave Patel the opportunity to work in a local utility. Shital has received immense guidance from her uncle throughout her career. Presently, she works in strategic sales at an energy company where she helps customers with their sustainability goals and in managing their overall energy budget.

Patel, who has diverse interests, is also an advocate for building stronger family connections. Interestingly, when she appeared on Bravo’s In a Man’s World, she aimed to detangle the complex bond that she shared with her father in the show, something that is attributed to the Indian culture.

Apart from her 9-to-5 job, the Indian Matchmaking single also indulges in charitable activites. Patel also owns her own line of raw, organic snack bars.

All set to seek Sima Taparia’s help to find her perfect match, it will be interesting to see how Patel coordinates with the expert matchmaker. Viewers are anticipating eventful episodes since Patel has informed Netflix that she disagrees with 60 to 70% of Sima’s matchmaking ideology.

The other singles who will be appearing on the upcoming show are Nadia Christina Jagessar, Aparna Shewakramani, and Pradhyuman Maloo from the previous season. Akshay, Viral, Arshneel, Shital, and Vinesh are the newcomers to Indian Matchmaking's new season.

Viewers can watch Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking on Wednesday, August 10, at 3 am ET only on Netflix.

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