"Needed to be put out": RHOP fans slam Ashley for confronting Chris about an allegation at a party

Ashley confronts Chris despite Candiace telling her not to (Image via ashleyboalchdarby/ Instagram)
Ashley confronts Chris despite Candiace telling her not to (Image via ashleyboalchdarby/ Instagram)

The Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) season 7 finale aired on Bravo this Sunday, February 5 at 8 pm ET.

In the episode, the cast was seen enjoying Candiace's music video reveal party. However, Ashley decided to confront Chris, Candiace's husband at an event about the allegation that he had hit on her friend Deborah via Instagram.

When Ashley spoke to Candiace about the same, the latter asked her not to bring up the allegations at the party as Chris didn't want anything taking away from the celebration that evening. Ashley told Candiace that she wouldn't be confrontational, but the latter was unsure of it.

The RHOP star also said that her friend Ashley looked like a Sesame Street character and ensured that the incident didn't happen. The latter didn't listen to her friend and went directly to Chris.

y’all really not ready for whats about to go down. call me what you want, but a liar i am not…and if that’s the path you choose, i promise, you will be sorry

The star asked Candiace's husband about the allegations and his tweet against her that stated that she was a liar.

Chris said that he was upset at the time because someone had told him that he had done something "inappropriate." He also said that Ashley's actions were disrespectful. Chris also said that he was sorry for "cussing" at Ashley but noted that he wouldn't just sit there while she lied.

Meanwhile, Ashley said that some of his actions were "questionable." Chris left the table immediately after this statement.

RHOP fans could not believe that Ashley would confront Chris despite Candiace telling her not to do so. They also said that Candiace should have fought Ashley at the time.

Candiace…I know you didn’t want to give Ashley a moment but girl Ashley needed to be put out.#RHOP

RHOP fans slam Ashley for creating problems in other people's married lives

Candiace followed her husband after the argument and said that he could not win against damaged people. She also explained that they were living a charmed life that Ashley could only think of. Other cast members also asked Ashley what she thought was going to happen after the confrontation.

Ashley's ex-husband Michael was accused of grabbing a cameraman's b**t while filming the show. RHOP fans slammed Ashley for trying to destroy other people's happiness and called her out for disrespecting Candiace.

ashley doesn’t understand boundaries at all. but what do you expect when her husband was michael darby #RHOP
Ashley inserting herself with Chris when Candiace specifically asked her not to bring it up during her event is the kiss of death for Ashley. Whatever Candiace does to her next is well earned #RHOP
Ashley is a Karen. The end. #RHOP…
Ashley is truly a evil, mean spirited person. And that is why she will never find her happiness. She seeks to destroy everyone else’s…#RHOP
Ashley your husband was groping/assaulting male producers and had multiple sexual encounters on Grindr. Who are you to tell Chris that his actions are questionable? Man some of these girls need to be fired #RHOP #RHOPotomac
Ashley know what she doing. She tryna push buttons and provoke. #RHOPFinale #RHOP #RHOPotomac
They really trying to make it look like Chris Bassett was hitting on Ashley’s howdy doody looking friend when the man never even glanced in her direction. GTFO with this mess. #RHOP
Ashley, come here...I'll tell you what you did're sitting up in that man's face doubling down on that lie yall conjured up instead of telling the real tea - Juan's infidelity. #RHOP
Candiace told Ashley not to speak to her husband in that moment and Ashley did it anyway. That’s how you know Ashley doesn’t respect Candiace. #RHOP

Ashley Darby accused Chris of flirting with her friend Deborah

Ashley Darby has accused Chris of flirting with her friend Deborah this season on RHOP. However, it was revealed in a clip that he did not even acknowledge the women’s presence till the time she complimented his suit. Deborah, meanwhile, had stated that Chris flirted with her while he was standing at the bar and felt that his energy was not right while she was introducing herself.

Other than that, Gizelle, Mia, and Ashley also accused Chris of flirting with them, but the clips for the same show that the incidents were simple misunderstandings. Gizelle said that Chris had made her feel "uncomfortable" in a private conversation during the filming of the last reunion episode.

The same will be discussed in the upcoming reunion episode where Chris will ask Gizelle for more details about the incident, saying:

"You use this show to lie on people because you have nothing else going on. I’ve suffered through this for 10 months. Losing clients, closing money, answering to my family! "

RHOP reunion will air on Bravo next Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 8 pm ET. Fans can also rewatch the entire season on the Bravo network's app and the Peacock streaming application.

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