NewJeans becomes third artist with most number of "Perfect All Kills" with Ditto

NewJeans (Image via Twitter/@NewJeans_twt)
NewJeans (Image via Twitter/@NewJeans_twt)

NewJeans set another record with Ditto!

The song, which has been dominating the music charts ever since its release, recently became the third song with the most Perfect All-Kills. It received a total of 332 hourly 'Perfect All-Kills' as of January 10, 2023, falling behind BTS' Dynamite and IU's Celebrity.

For the unversed, a Perfect All-Kills is awarded to a song that occupies the top spot on all major music streaming and charting sites at the same time on a daily, hourly, and weekly basis.

On December 26, 2022, Ditto earned the rookie group its first-ever perfect all-kill, making it only the seventh song of the year to achieve the feat.

NewJeans' Ditto becomes highest ranking Billboard song for the group

Released as a pre-release single from their first single album, OMG, Ditto is gaining attention from fans worldwide. The song has overtaken the group's previous hits Hypeboy and Attention to reach new heights on the Billboard music charts.

For the week ending January 5, 2023, the song broke into the Top 10 Hits on Billboard’s Global 200 and Global Excluding U.S. Charts, a career-high for the quintet.

Ditto gained 41.9 million streams in all regions globally except the United States and ranked fourth on the Global Excluding U.S. chart, a huge jump from Hypeboy, which peaked at 32.

The song also took the eighth spot on the Global 200 chart in the same week.

NewJeans breaks their own sales record by a huge margin with OMG

NewJeans made headlines with their first comeback since their debut. Their latest album sales surpassed their debut eponymous album sales by a huge margin of 125 percent in the first week.

According to Hanteo chart data, OMG sold a total of 701,241 copies in the opening week compared to 310,000 copies of its debut album New Jeans.

The group also became only the fifth girl group to sell over 400,000 copies on the first day joining BLACKPINK, IVE, aespa, and LE SSERAFIM.

Fans react to NewJeans' Perfect-All-Kill with Ditto

The chart-topping single by the fourth-generation group created a buzz in the industry when it surpassed BLACKPINK to become the female act with the highest number of unique listeners in 24 hours on Melon in 2022.

However, the celebrations will only continue for Bunnies (the official fandom of the group) as the group continues to break and create new records.

They erupted on Twitter to celebrate the new perfect-all-kill record that is bested only by K-pop legends, BTS and IU. One fan summarized the feeling of the proud fandom in the comment:

"A new day, a new record."

The ADOR girl group comprising of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein bagged four Rookie of the Year awards, from 2022 The Fact Music Awards, the Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2022, 2022 Asia Artist Awards and the 37th Golden Disc Awards with TikTok, proving their Monster Rookie status.

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