NewJeans tops the Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings for the second consecutive month

Featuring Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein (Image via newjeans_official Instagram)
Featuring Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein (Image via newjeans_official Instagram)

NewJeans topped the Girls Group Brand Reputation Rankings for the second consecutive month. The Korean Business Research Institute announced the January’s brand reputation rankings for girl groups on January 8, 2023. The rising K-pop girl group NewJeans triumphed over senior girl groups such as BLACKPINK and Twice. NewJeans previously topped the Girls Group Brand Reputation Rankings in December.

For the month of January, NewJeans topped the list with a brand reputation index of 7,299,275, witnessing almost a 36.13 percent jump in their score from the previous month. The phrases that were ranked highly for the group’s keyword analysis were "OMG," "YouTube," and "Ditto."

NewJeans have been followed by girl groups such as BLACKPINK, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, and others, who have also secured top spots on the list.

Top 30 female K-pop groups for January’s Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings: NewJeans, BLACKPINK, and more

Korean Business Research Institutes Rankings are generally determined through an overall analysis and online presence of the groups, including interactions with fans, media coverage, consumer participation, and community indexes of several girl groups and others.

The results for January’s Girl Group Brand Reputation rankings is arrived at by examining the data recorded from December 8, 2022, to January 9,2023. Check out the list of the top 30 groups for the mentioned month:

1. NewJeans


3. IVE



6. Girls’ Generation

7. (G)l-DLE

8. Red Velvet

9. Aespa

10. Oh My Girl


12. Apink


14. ITZY

15. fromis_9

16. cignature

17. Girl’s Day

18. WJSN

19. Kep1er

20. Brave Girls


22. EXID



25. Dreamcatcher

26. woo!ah!



29. Ladies’ Code

30. Brown Eyed Girls

NewJeans have been breaking records with their newly released tracks such as Ditto and OMG. The concept of their tracks, unsual stories, and vintage-inspired cinematography of their music videos have captivated viewers' attention. The highest-ranking related search terms for the group were "surpass," "record," and "sweep." Positive-negative analysis of the rising girl group has revealed a score of 86.90 percent positive reaction from the fans.

Senior group BLACKPINK have been able to maintain their position in the second rankings with a brand reputation index of 6,181,277, marking an overall rise of 21.04 percent from last month.

BLACKPINK is closely followed by IVE AND LE SSERAFIM. The former jumped to the third ranking with an impressive increase of 60.26 percent in their brand reputation index since last December.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM ranked fourth with an overall 3,127,082 brand reputation index and a 41.02 growth percentage from last month. LE SSERAFIM is closely followed by TWICE and Girl’s Generation. TWICE maintained its position within the top five with a brand reputation index of 2,917,991 for January.

Know more about the rookie girl group


NewJeans have been topping spotify and YouTube charts with their recent releases. The group’s latest track Ditto became the fastest song of the fourth generation to reach several spotify milestones and has been streamed more than 50 million times in less than 17 days on Spotify.

It has been reported that the rookie girl group's latest mini-album OMG sold over 480,000 copies on the first day of sales itself. The mini-album OMG also recorded the highest-number of stock pre-orders at 800,000, making it the highest number to be achieved by any girl group debut album till now.

The five-member group, consisting of members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein, and their agency ADOR have decided to make yearly donations from the profits of their albums.

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