New Jeans' Hyein becomes the new ambassador of the luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton

New Jeans
New Jeans' Hyein becomes the youngest ambassador of Louis Vuitton (Image via Twitter/@NewJeans_ADOR)

On December 30, 2022, it was officially revealed that New Jeans' Hyein will be joining the illustrious list of Louis Vuitton ambassadors. The K-pop idol, who debuted under HYBE LABELS, is not only the youngest ambassador of the luxury fashion brand, but also the first rookie idol to bag the ambassador label.

Following the announcement, fans were beyond proud of Hyein and New Jeans, who have stacked up several impressive achievements in less than a year since their debut. With the release of her Vogue photoshoot to promote her achievement of being the newest Louis Vuitton ambassador, fans couldn't stop talking about how cool and pretty she looked.

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New Jeans' Hyein is the youngest ambassador of Louis Vuitton

Being only 14 years old, the maknae of the K-pop girl group New Jeans, Hyein took a big step in her career by becoming Louis Vuitton's newest ambassador. Considering the incredible fame and popularity of the luxury fashion brand, their trust in Hyein to successfully promote their brand says a lot about the idol and her captivating charisma that continues to reel in more fans.

As fans flipped through New Jeans' Hyein Vogue photoshoot, they couldn't contain their excitement. She wore pieces from Louis Vuitton's recent release, the 2023 Cruise Collection, designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere. The idol had other shots in cool, flashy outfits under the Y2K setting, which was on-brand for the rookie K-pop girl group, New Jeans. Naturally, fans buzzed on Twitter, sharing their opinions on the jaw-dropping images of their idol, New Jeans' Hyein.

@allkpop a rookie idol did that 👏 that’s amazing
Louis Vuitton saw this video of Hyein, crumbled on their seats and said I have to get her somehow
hyein's only 14 but she's already a daesang winner and a louis vuitton brand ambassador, oh she's gonna be the next big thing in kpop
Lee Hyein, the youngest brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton 💅🏽
@NewJeans_ADOR @LouisVuitton She's an icon, she's a legend, she's the momentSHE IS HYEIN

With New Jeans' Hyein becoming the newest Louis Vuitton ambassador, she joins her fellow member Hanni, who's the ambassador for Gucci. While the two have been confirmed as ambassadors, with the rest of the members representing other luxury fashion brands such as Minji for Chanel, Haerin for Dior, and Danielle for Burberry. Fans are now hoping for them to be global ambassadors.

so danielle for burberry, hanni gucci, haerin dior and hyein louis vuitton???

New Jeans' latest single release, Ditto

On December 19, 2022, New Jeans released another show-stopping song, Ditto, that's currently taken over the web. Portraying a different emotion compared to their earlier popular releases Hype Boy, Cookie, and Attention, Ditto had a more emotional touch, with a nostalgic dimension to it.

To make things more interesting, the music video had two famous faces from the K-drama industry popping up, which shook many fans. Weak Hero Class 1's Choi Hyun's appearance and All of Us Dead's Park Ji-hu, who was revealed as the girl behind the camera, threw fans into a frenzy and caused much commotion around the music video.

Choi Hyun Wook on Newjeans' 'Ditto' MV 🖤

As the five girls continue to roll out impressive achievements as they progress into 2023, fans can't wait to see the show-stopping events lined up for them next year. Never beating the rookie-of-the-year allegations, New Jeans attract more fans by the day with their unique concepts and intriguing projects.

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