“Straight out of K-drama”: Park Ji-hu and Choi Hyun-wook’s story in NewJeans’ Ditto melts fans’ hearts

NewJeans' comeback music video Ditto makes waves across the internet (Images via NewJeans website and Instagram/03_hu)

Fans are in love with NewJeans’ Ditto not just for the storyline and song, but for Park Ji-hu and Choi Hyun-wook’s unexpected appearance.

As is their signature style of unexpected releases, the two actors made an appearance in Ditto, much to the amusement of fans.

Fans saw ample content featuring the actors together, as Ditto released two music videos, Side A and Side B. Several people who were charmed by the story and acting, now wish to see the duo cast together in a K-drama too.

Park Ji-hu rose to prominence with Netflix’s hit zombie thriller All of Us Are Dead, while Choi Hyun-wook became a new fan-favorite actor from Racket Boys, Twenty-Five, Twenty-One and most recently, Weak Hero Class 1. The actors featured as a seemingly close pair, and might even be a romantic pair in Ditto.

NewJeans’ pre-release single Ditto reigns over Korean music charts and fans’ minds

With a never-seen-before debut, NewJeans’ first-ever comeback was much anticipated, with high expectations riding on it. The Hype Boy girl group recently returned with a pre-release single, titled Ditto. The song instantly debuted at No. 1 on the Bugs chart, No. 3 on Genie, and No. 4 on MelOn.

On Twitter, the music videos for Ditto trended for different reasons. While fans immersed themselves in the complex, haunting storyline, they couldn’t help but fawn over Park Ji-hu and Choi Hyun-wook. The actor duo are the latest in the roster of young actors making their mark in the entertainment world.

In the music videos, Choi Hyun-wook portrays a high schooler who notices Heeso, another high schooler played by Park Ji-hu. The latter is seen recording throughout the videos, and her face is covered with either her camera or her hair. However, the end credits revealed her to be the All of Us are Dead actress.

Take a look at how fans are reacting to their appearance in NewJeans’ Ditto below:

Park Ji-hu also posted behind-the-scenes photos of Ditto on her personal Instagram account soon after the music videos were released. Seeing the photos of her sitting with the Weak Hero actor fueled fans’ determination further to watch them both paired up for a K-drama.

More about Ditto music videos

NewJeans’ Ditto side A music video currently sits at 3.3 million views, while side B had amassed 2.2 million views at the time of writing this article. The storyline in the videos is also complex.

Side A of Ditto builds on the perception that Heesoo has been recording NewJeans’ members, who are her friends, dancing or having fun in school. Towards the end, it is revealed that Heeso had been recording nothing as there are no people.

It suggested that Heeso recorded moments for people who never existed.


Side B shows Heeso taking action and throwing away her camera. Upon returning, she watches her old recorded videos and sees the same NewJeans’ members, who she thought were imaginary, in the clips.


Ditto is the rookie group’s pre-release single for their comeback album OMG scheduled for a January 2, 2023 release.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal