NewJeans members luxury brand ambassadorships: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more

NewJeans list of brand ambassadorship (Image via Twitter/@NewJeans_ADOR)
NewJeans list of brand ambassadorship (Image via Twitter/@NewJeans_ADOR)

In less than a year since their debut, the rookie monster K-pop girl group NewJeans has been dominating not just the entertainment industry but has extended its influence to other fields like fashion, make-up, etc. Despite their discography consisting of just singles, almost every track they've put forth has gone viral.

However, their dominating influence doesn't just adhere to their music but also their personalities. Unlike other K-pop girl groups or K-pop groups in general, NewJeans are unafraid to experiment with their concepts, naturally really in fans with their unique and intriguing concepts. Many luxury businesses realize their ability to serve as global ambassadors in addition to being their brand ambassadors due to their established fanbase and influence.

Four of the five NewJeans members are already brand ambassadors of notable luxury fashion brands, and one member, Hanni, plays as an ambassador for two brands. The group was also selected to serve as Seoul's Honorary Ambassador.

From Louis Vuitton to Chanel: All of NewJeans' luxury brand ambassador

1) NewJeans - Honorary Ambassadors of Seoul

Beginning with the recent appointment of NewJeans as Honorary Ambassadors of Seoul on February 16 at Seoul City Hall. After entering the Billboard U.S. Hot 10 chart and becoming a million-seller within just six months of their debut, the group was recognized for their impressive achievements and was appointed as one of the ten celebrities as the Honorary Ambassadors of Seoul. Other artists include singer Lee Seok-hoon, comedian Kim Yong-myung, and actor Noh Joo-hyun.

2) Danielle - Burberry

Danielle was appointed the global ambassador for the luxury brand Burberry on January 6, 2023. The news was disseminated via a featured photoshoot, Instagram posts, and tweets. Danielle wore Burberry's latest spring/summer collection that worked with dark tones and flannel prints. She contributed to the photo shoot by wearing Burberry collection items with a mini black Burberry handbag.

3) Minji - Chanel

Another recent ambassadorship for NewJeans was Minji's appointment for the luxury fashion brand Chanel. Apart from her photoshoot with Chanel for Elle Magazine, she also sat down for an interview where she revealed how looking at the photo shoot images fascinates her to see different dimensions and versions of herself that are captured through a third perspective.

4) Hanni - Gucci

Hanni was chosen as the brand ambassador for the luxury fashion brand Gucci on October 28, 2022. A post on Instagram made the same announcement. The idol also contributed to Gucci's fashion show at Gyeongbokgung Palace for their Cosmogonie Seoul collection on November 1, 2022. Many fans felt that Hanni's esthetics fit the brand perfectly and were excited about the other campaigns she'd be participating in.

5) Hanni - Giorgio Armani

Hanni is not just the face of Gucci but also Armani Beauty, the high-end cosmetic and apparel line owned by Giorgio Armani. To mark the announcement, the celebrity model posed for images while wearing Lip Maestro Lip Lacquer and My Armani To Go Cushion Foundation in Shade 2. The ambassadorship was appointed in February 2023.

6) Hyein - Louis Vuitton

Hyein's appointment as Louis Vuitton's brand ambassador was quite revolutionary, given that she's also the youngest ambassador of the brand. In a mandatory photoshoot that announced K-pop idols' new embarkation as brand ambassadors, Hyein wore a recent piece from Louis Vuitton's 2023 Cruise Collection. Additionally, in her feature on Vogue, she was seen exhibiting her own Y2K fashion esthetics as she adorned flashy clothing with heavy accessories.

With a bagful of ambassadorships for the NewJeans, fans also anticipate another for the remaining member, Haerin. Fans believe that the member will most likely join the fashion house Dior as a brand ambassador given the many instances where she was seen wearing pieces from Dior's collection.

Given how most fans' predictions about the NewJeans' ambassadorship have come true, fans believe this one is also very likely to roll out. Nevertheless, fans have been showering the group with their love and support for their impressive growth in such a short period of time.

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