2022 MAMA Awards announce special collab stages: (G)I-DLE x JAURIM, 3RACHA x Tiger JK, and more

2022 MAMA Awards announces special collab stages (Image Twitter/MnetMAMA)
2022 MAMA Awards announces special collab stages (Image Twitter/MnetMAMA)

The 2022 MAMA Awards unveiled exciting details about the multiple special collabs it has lined up for K-pop fans. Known for its grandiose scale, the organizers are doing it justice by getting rising stars and veterans to decorate their stage.

On November 16, Mnet held a press conference to announce plans for the much-anticipated coveted award show. One of the collaborations revealed was a special performance between 3RACHA (Stray Kids' Bang Chan, Changbin, HAN), veteran artist Tiger JK, and Squid Game’s music producer, Jung Jae-il.

Other special stages include (G)I-DLE's unexpected collaboration with a famous rock band and fourth-generation girl groups showcasing their incredible power together on the MAMA Awards stage.

2022 MAMA Awards reveal exciting collaboration stages to end the year with a bang

Special collaboration stages and grandiose stage props are a must for year-end award shows such as the MAMA Awards. It is the best way for K-pop groups to showcase their talent by stretching the limits of their creativity. The 2022 MAMA Awards similarly took things up a notch by announcing refreshing collab stages.

Nxde singers (G)I-DLE will be performing with JAURIM, a Korean rock band, at the awards ceremony. Already famous in the Korean music scene, JAURIM achieved greater recognition for their 2013 songs Twenty-Five and Twenty-One, which were part of the hit 2022 Netflix series of the same name.

While 3RACHA, Tiger JK, and Jung Jae-il will also present a thrilling stage, members from major fourth-generation girl groups will take to the stage together. 32 female idols from IVE, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, and Kep1er will greet fans with a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

The collaboration stages are divided for the two-day event. On the first day, November 29, the 32 girl group members will perform on stage. On November 30, (G)I-DLE and JAURIM, as well as 3RACHA, Tiger JK, and Jung Jae-il will be on stage.

The 2022 MAMA Awards will also see a legendary performance as BTS' j-hope has been roped in for a solo stage as well. Chief Producer Yoon Shin-hye shared that the BTS member was "practicing hard" for a performance that will go down in MAMA's history.

Park Bo-gum and Xoxo singer SOMI roped in as hosts’ current list of performing artists

At the same press conference, MAMA Awards organizers revealed that the Nation's heartthrob, actor Park Bo-gum, and DUMB DUMB singer SOMI will be hosting the coveted ceremony.

Both artists will host the awards ceremony on two different days. SOMI will host Day 1 event, and Park Bo-gum will take over Day 2.

While readers already have a glimpse of the performing artist lineup for the 2022 MAMA, there are more groups that will be taking the stage for a grand performance. These include DKZ, KARA, Hyolyn, Zico, Lim Young-woong, FORESTELLA, BIBI, NiziU, INI, Street Man Fighter crew, TXT, ITZY, ENHYPEN, TREASURE, and JO1.

The 2022 MAMA Awards will be held in Japan at the Osaka Kyocera Dome on November 29 and 30.

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