"2022 MAMA is just Somi's runway" The host of this year's MAMA, Jeon Somi goes viral for her outfits on the show

2022 MAMA host Jeon Somi goes viral for her outfits
2022 MAMA host Jeon Somi goes viral for her outfits

As the first-day host of the 2022 MAMA on November 29, 2022, Jeon Somi showcased a variety of outfits throughout the night and fans couldn't stop talking about it. Right from her silky dress on the red carpet to her flowery white dress while she wrapped up the show, the idol's fashion was appreciated by her fans.

Apart from her fashion at the awards show, fans also loved everything she put forth last night. Many believe that MAMA has never had a better host, making the show much more fun and exciting for the audience. To top it all off, during her performance as she covered songs by many K-pop artists like aespa, SEVENTEEN, and Twice, and received loud cheers from the crowd.

Jeon Somi, the host of 2022 MAMA, makes the award show her own runway

Jeon Somi opened the first day of 2022 MAMA and fans were excited to see her return to her MC post after her time at SBS. As the K-pop idol made her entrance on the show, her silky golden dress had fans loving her look. The simple red carpet look was only the start of what she had in her MAMA wardrobe.

Throughout the night, Somi wore a total of seven outfits and none of them shared the same aesthetic. She started off with her first outfit as a presenter, a long black dress paired with a pointy gold-embroidered sleeve top.

However, things got all the more exciting as she put on an E-girl look for her next presentation. The K-pop idol paired her printed sweatshirt with a black tank top and loads of silver jewelry while she hosted the show.

Out of the many outfits she displayed, her bejeweled PRADA dress during her performance was a fan-favorite. Jeon Somi's show was loved by fans as she covered many of her fellow artists. These included Twice's Talk that Talk, aespa's Illusion, SEVENTEEN's HOT, and NCT 127's 2 Baddies, among others. It was quite an entertaining performance as fans watched her sparkle with glitter from head to toe.

Before she concluded the show, Jeon Somi shocked the audience with two more interesting outfits. One was her bright pink jumpsuit while the other was her golden harp dress.

These two outfits in particular caught the eye of many fans when she finally pulled down the curtains at the end of 2022 MAMA's first day in a white dress as she gave her closing speech.

Fans thought that Jeon Somi did a great job with not just her fashion but also the way she carried the show. Without a single dull moment, her funny jokes and entertaining speeches were quite the highlight of the show, making her an ideal host for 2022 MAMA.

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